Cristian Varela City Finest - London

Here’s he shares his adopted City’s Finest ahead of this Saturday November 9th’s show with Eduardo De La Calle and Egg LDN Resident, Kyle E.

05 Nov 2019

Francesca Lombardo Select Cuts

We caught up with Francesca Lombardo as she selects some of her favourite tracks across her musical career!

01 Nov 2019

Anja Schneider City’s Finest Berlin

I wanted to give you 5 places of mine that I would recommend you visit when you get a chance to visit the city for a few days.

30 Oct 2019

Endor Crate Diggin

This is really tricky because there's a ton of wicked stuff out right now. I'd say it's probably Wade's "Rowling". It's got so much energy and it goes off every time.

29 Oct 2019

Sterac Interview

Ahead of the night, we had a chat with Steve about what he's been up to recently, how the techno scene has evolved for him and what's next on the horizon...

23 Oct 2019

Influences - Enta

”These five tracks that have helped shape my career as an artist. It was a challenge trying to think of just 5 tracks that have influenced me as there is so much to talk about.

23 Oct 2019

Rachel Auburn Influences

Here’s she shares the key tracks that influenced her musical journey.

23 Oct 2019

Egg teams up with Francesca Lombardo - "LIFE OF RELEAF"

Egg LDN teams up with Francesca Lombardo for her charity "Life of Releaf" - For every donation ticket sold, £1 will go to "Life of Releaf" where one tree will be planted around the world.

16 Oct 2019

Projekt Gestalten - Influences

Here’s Projeckt Gestalten shares his Influences ahead of his hotly anticipated set at Berlin Berlin: Halloween Special this Saturday October 19th alongside Norman Nodge and The Lady Machine.

16 Oct 2019

Norman Nodge Interview

We caught up with Ostgut Ton Stalwart Norman Nodge ahead of his debut at Berlin Berlin this Saturday and discussed life, music, being a lawyer + much more. Check it out!

15 Oct 2019

Made In Paris City Finest - Sutherland Shire, New South Wales (Australia)

6 months ago I moved out of the centre of Sydney just 45 minutes south into the Sutherland Shire. It’s a lot less chaotic here which has proven great for a person like myself that needs some stillness between tours and travelling.

10 Oct 2019

The Lady Machine Crate Diggin

It has to be anything by Bowie, he's my total hero! I feel fortunate to have grown up in the 80’s listening to amazing music. David Bowie “Ashes to Ashes” is a winner and I remember it being super haunting back then.

09 Oct 2019

Bob Sinclar City’s Finest - Paris

I could die for spaghetti with caviar :-) not on the menu, but you can always ask the chef to cook it.

09 Oct 2019

Luther Vine - Track Essentials

With dates at the Kala Festival and Tanzhaus’ 16th Birthday in Frankfurt coming up, Phonica’s go to man behind the counter Luther Vine selects 6 Essential tracks from Move D, Juju & Jordash

08 Oct 2019

Blu Peter - Crate Diggin

When I did discover it, music by Jean Michel Jarre, Donna Summer were some of the sounds I instantly loved. Buying a 7 inch of ‘Gimme Gimme’ by Abba was me subconsciously outing myself! It was actually a good electronic tune

08 Oct 2019

Crate Diggin with DJ Rush

I never leave home without my trade mark, it's not an actual song or track, but I like to alert the people that is on now, time to take the dance floor to the next level.

02 Oct 2019

George Mensah Select Cuts

Influenced by 90’s House era and Garage, he shares his current dance floor bullets ahead of this Friday’s Ibiza Reunion where he’s joined by Sammy Porter, Mark Radford, Art e Fect, Kayne & Sanchez and more.

01 Oct 2019

Deniz Bul's City Finest - Mannheim

Having just returned from dates in Ibiza and an impressive Russian tour Deniz returns for his 4th show at Egg LDN, commenting 'I love the vibe of the club and the vibe of the people and it's one of my favourite clubs in the world!

24 Sep 2019

Jansons City Finest

Here he shares his City’s Finest - London - ahead of his set alongside Dennis Cruz at Yousef’s 9 Moor Drive Album Launch party this Friday, September 27th.

24 Sep 2019

Dennis Valentine Crate Diggin Cuts.

:Faith; by CeCe Rodgers with Mr Junior White on production. It’s a track which has a lot of meaning for me." Dennis Valentine

20 Sep 2019

Demuir Influence's

Here he shares his musical Influences with us ahead of this 1st saying… "I'm an artist that is a summation of my experiences along with the people and things that have influenced me. All these guys are a testament to this...

20 Sep 2019

Crate Diggin - Ann Clue

We caught up with the Fckng Serious boss to discuss some of her most favourite tracks and sounds that have helped generate her Music career throughout the years.

20 Sep 2019

Dennis Cruz City’s Finest - Madrid

We caught up with Dennis ahead of his return to the club on Friday 27th September to talk about his home town, Madrid. If you're ever heading over to the capital, be sure to check what Dennis recommends.

19 Sep 2019

City’s Finest David Scuba

Here he takes us through his City’s Finest features ahead of his show at NY:LON Superfreq New York Vs Ldn this Saturday September 14th alongside Mr C, Doc Martin, Jovonn and more.

11 Sep 2019

Egg LDN's - Garage gems picks

Here at Egg LDN office we've picked five tracks from the acts that are performing here this Friday! Some proper classics and garage gems in this feature!

11 Sep 2019

Harry Shotta - Interview

We caught up with Harry Shotta to discuss his summer tours, being an up and comer MC, new music and some of his favourite foods.

10 Sep 2019

J.Fernandes City’s Finest - Aveiro in Portugal

It has a lovely old town with beautiful canals that remind you of Venice - in fact the city is known as the Portuguese Venice even though I think it’s prettier and way more clean.

10 Sep 2019

Egg London Free Student Membership

Who said you can’t party when you skint?!

09 Sep 2019

Niamh - Selected Cuts

Niamh is an Irish DJ and producer based in London and will be joining our Middle Floor agenda with Luke Slater, Mark Broom and Kyle E on 7th September.

04 Sep 2019

What Came First EP Release

Egg London’s What Came First Recordings host Swiss producer Eveline Fink’s Morning Contrast EP, featuring 2 minimal groove infused cuts with remixes by German maestro Tobi Neumann and club’s resident Kyle E.

03 Sep 2019

Rebuke - Interview

We caught up with Rebuke as he answers a few questions about his DJ/producing career, home town and party life & to finish it off telling us about his love for potatoes!

03 Sep 2019

Qubiko – Select Cuts

Qubiko "I am very attached to this work, It is the track that started to make me known in the world of electronic music"

27 Aug 2019

Crate Diggin with Mathias Kaden

With recent dates for Elrow, Watergate and festivals such as Loveland and Feel Free, Mathias shares his Crate Diggin tracks ahead of his hotly anticipated back to back show with Daniel Stefanik on Saturday August 31st.

27 Aug 2019

Stuart Patterson Select Cuts’s Stuart Patterson shares 5 of his current favourite tracks with us ahead of the NY:LON Presents: SUPERFREQ/NEW YORK X LONDON party on Saturday September 14th

21 Aug 2019

Crate Diggin with Colin Dale

One of the UK’s legendary house n’ techno DJs Colin Dale heads up the bill alongside Felix Da Housecat and Xpress 2 at The Promised Land Neon Garden Party this Bank Holiday Sunday August 25th.

20 Aug 2019

Deepneue Select Cuts

Making their debut showcase at the Berlin Berlin: Birthday are special guest collective TrashEra and ahead of this Saturday’s Deepneue shares 5 tracks currently working the dance floor of their electronic music mecca!

20 Aug 2019

Denney – Select Cuts

Ahead of Denney’s return to Egg LDN this Saturday for the Elrow London official After Party, Denney has picked five of his go to tracks that have been treating the dance floor to some serious beats over the summer!

15 Aug 2019

DJ LAG - Interview

When I was growing up The Lion King was huge. People know the story everywhere in the world and it is loved by people of all ages. Being part of this opportunity while remaining authentic to my sound is a big acknowledgement.

13 Aug 2019

Crate Diggin with Bok Bok

DJ/Producer,& co-founder of cult London club and label Night Slugs, Ukraine born and London based, Bok Bok aka Alex Sushon shares the Crate Diggin tracks that have helped shape the journey ahead of the Hardbody show at Egg

09 Aug 2019

Anthony Castaldo - Select Cuts

Naples born but London based DJ & Producer Anthony Castaldo, 2019 is shaping up to be his biggest year to date. A regular at Familia who’s ‘Kalt’ track on Cox’s Intec label dominated the techno charts for over 2 months

09 Aug 2019

Egg LDN office picks: Enrico Sanguliano five biggest tracks

Ahead of his return to Egg LDN this Saturday, we've picked some of the biggest tracks Enrico has produced to get you in the mood for the weekend! Check it out.

08 Aug 2019

Influences - Johnny Slut

An original member of 80’s Batcave club resident band, Specimen, Johnny also has worked with The KLF and Adamski. Here he shares his musical influences with us.

08 Aug 2019

Offaiah Crate Diggin Cuts

The UK producer’s trademark sound of infectious house is going to be heard far and wide across the summer with upcoming dates in Ibiza with Calvin Harris, Defected and MK as well as flanking Ferreck Dawn on Friday 9th August

06 Aug 2019

Joyhauser - Select Cuts

Ahead of this they flank Monika Kruse for the Terminal M showcase this Saturday August 3rd and share with us their Select Cuts.

01 Aug 2019

Carnao Beats Interview

Ermm... I think H.O.U.S.E has a special place in my heart as it helped me massively with celebrities & ravers all loving it and sharing it definitely done wonders.

01 Aug 2019

Fabio Ferro – 50th Anniversary Apollo 11 select cuts

we’ve asked Fabio to choose five favourite dancefloor tracks that remind him of space. Expect these tracks to take you on a journey!

30 Jul 2019

Egg LDN office Friday selects

Here at Egg LDN we've picked five of our favourite tracks from Chris Lake, Martin Ikin & Deeper Purpose to get you in the mood for their show this Friday at Egg! Check them out

23 Jul 2019

Luther Vine’s Monoloc & Ø Phase Essential Tracks

With a forthcoming EP with the other Egg LDN resident, Kyle E forthcoming on What Came First, Luther shares killer Monoloc and Ø Phase tracks ahead of this Saturday’s explosive session.

19 Jul 2019

Boris "Select Cuts"

From techno to deep grooves and house, Boris has built up a stellar name and following for his London based events, Shindo and Boboxa and ahead of his set at Egg London on Saturday July 27th, he shares his Select Cuts.

18 Jul 2019

Eskuche City Finest – New York

Ahead of his show at Egg LDN this Friday, Eskuche has talked us though his most favourite parts of his home town, New York New York!

11 Jul 2019

Metodi Hristov Select Cuts

The "Set About" boss selects five of his go to tracks that have stuck with him throughout his career!

10 Jul 2019

Jack Swift – Select Cuts

Jack Swift shares five tracks that release his energy on to the dance floor, throughout 2019!

09 Jul 2019

Kokaine Tyson - Interview

Kokaine Tyson explores the colourful and queer side of life celebrating all things Pride at our Special this Saturday July 6th. Take a walk on the wild side with her and our all star cast of go gos and performers.

05 Jul 2019

Iglesias. Influences

Iglesias. shares 5 tracks that have helped shape his career ahead of his set on Friday July 19th where he’s joined by Jack Swift, Sammy Porter and Powda.

04 Jul 2019

Monoloc - Selected Cuts

Merging his left-field roots with techno Monoloc has just returned from a tour of Japan and China and joins Ø [Phase] Saturday July 20th to bring his brooding sound to life, sharing his current favourites here.

03 Jul 2019

The Aston Shuffle City's Finest

The Aston Shuffle duo sit back and pick five of their finest parts from Canberra & New York, giving us detail on their picks.

02 Jul 2019

Tafkanik's 5 tracks celebrating Pride

A fashion favourite he’s also performed at events for brands like Pylot Magazine, LN-CC and Cockheart and get into the groove ahead of our Berlin Berlin party on Saturday July 6th.

28 Jun 2019

Karina Qanir Interview

Karina talks about the roots of the Berlin queer scene and the alternative sounds she’s currently championing.

26 Jun 2019