Mamacita – Select Cuts

Italy’s #1 Hip-Hop, Reggaeton and Latin music event returns to Egg London on Friday 21st February 2020 - Here they pick some of the best Reggaeton tracks they're digging at the moment.

18 Feb 2020

Crate Diggin Jack Swift

Jack shares his musical journey with us here talking about his early memories listening to the garage pirate stations, vinyl, his fave mixing equipment.

11 Feb 2020

Love On The Rocks - Paramida

Having celebrated the fifth anniversary of her Love On The Rocks label with a compilation titled ‘Supergau’ a few months back, Panorama bar Resident, Paramida, makes her debut at Berlin Berlin: Tainted Love on Saturday Feb 15th

07 Feb 2020

Gabriel Ananda – Select Cuts

Abtrat - Closer feat. WhoMadeWho/ Magic, energetic, epic, intimate, happy, melancholic. Just one of my favorite tracks at the moment!

24 Jan 2020

Azaad’s Musical Journey

As a digger, I like going back in time to find records that the dance floor hasn't heard. For me last year Antonio’s ‘Closer' was my opening weapon.

24 Jan 2020

Luther Vine - Berlin Berlin Track Selections

As Phonica’s go to man behind the counter, expect an expansive set of everything from techno to house and electro. Here he selects a fine set of tracks for Berlin Berlin.

24 Jan 2020

Get To Know Michelle Manetti

Berlin Berlin represents all the important things I mentioned above, it's a real space for freedom and expression, a mixture of people from different backgrounds and persuasions, and incredible line-ups

23 Jan 2020

Truncate City’s Finest Los Angeles

LA doesn’t just do techno well….there’s a sprawling music scene here. While we don’t have quite the nightlife like Berlin I think for US standards we stand up pretty well to the rest with a lot of great artists and musicians.

22 Jan 2020

Marvin & Guy Select Cuts

Doris Norton, wife of Antonious Rex and mother of the Italian Techno-Rave legend Rexanthony started her career in the early 70’s with the Progressive Rock band Jacula together with her hubby.

21 Jan 2020

Levon Vincent Crate Diggin

I first heard this song at the Sound Factory, Frankie Knuckles held a residency there in the 90s. That was early on in my clubbing days and one of the most optimistic times of my life.

21 Jan 2020

Aldoina Select Cuts

This powerful track is a psychedelic journey of Polo & Pan , a couple of French electronic DJs, remixed by the eclectic and visionary Russians Brothers, Simple Symmetry

20 Jan 2020

Josh Baker Select Cuts

Forthcoming track on my Sukhumvit! So happy how this one has turned out, all killer no filler!

20 Jan 2020

Snapshot into Yousef's “Circus Records 2020”

This emotional and powerful house cut will rule this summer. Absolutely brilliant and tear jerking track, that goes off and due in the summer

17 Jan 2020

Daniel Stefanik - Select Cuts

"To make music, that is when you are in love. It’s just so beautiful. It just makes you so terribly happy.”

15 Jan 2020

Saffron Stone - Influences

“Growing up I was immersed in house music and was on the decks from the age of 2! I was surrounded by all types of music from Stevie Wonder to Soul to Soul"

14 Jan 2020

Vote Egg LDN - DJ Mag Top 100

2019 was stepping stone to 2020 which will see the Main Room fully operational and some astounding artists in the pipeline to perform at the venue plus exciting new developments all round!!

13 Jan 2020

Bob Sinclar - Crate Diggin

"World Hold On" is one of the classic songs I produced with Steve Edwards on vocals. It’s the perfect combination of sad harmonies which make the girls cry, hooks to sing and amazing meaning in the lyrics.

10 Jan 2020

Devstar - Crate Diggin

I first got into underground music when I was around 14/15 years old. Garage was really taking off in the UK around 1999/2000 and I had the ‘Pure Garage I’ and II discs copied onto tape for the Walkman.

08 Jan 2020

Kid Crème - Crate Diggin

Well I could say Stevie Wonder ‘As’ for the overall beauty of the piece but it would be too easy I guess,so i’d say ‘Keep It Up’ from Milton Wright just for the 2 bars sketchy synth lick that come at 20 second in the track.

08 Jan 2020

Spektre’s City Finest - Sheffield

With their eagerly-anticipated third studio album "Against A Dark Background" due for release on Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek imprint in January 2020 and a brand new live show also penned for early next year.

31 Dec 2019

Pagano Crate Diggin

It wasn’t one specific track but the advent of House music and New-Beat in the late 80s. This led me to buy my first Roland sampler and the geek in me was hooked!

30 Dec 2019

Transcode Crate Diggin

One of the most immediate tunes that comes to mind is ‘Breathe’ by The Prodigy. It was one of the first electronic dance tracks I heard as a teenager and that really opened up the world of new music for me after that.

30 Dec 2019

Get To Know Esther Duijn

I played my first record in a famous former DJ café called Vaaghuyzen, which is a place where people like Steffi, Steven de Peven and Bart Skils also played a lot and the after parties were legendary.

24 Dec 2019

Groove Assassin City’s Finest - Sheffield

Sheffield’s Groove Assassin aka Nick Moss heads up an all star line up for EGG X Soul Sessions that includes Booker T, Sy Sez, David Bailey, Aluku Revels and many more.

23 Dec 2019

Guy Ruben Select Cuts

Mixing up new sounds, deep selections and classic records with style n’ energy, San Fran’s Guy Rubens makes his debut for Homostash at Berlin Berlin this Saturday December 28th.

23 Dec 2019

Cause4Concern’s (CZA) Crate Diggin

The first track that had an impression on me growing up was the John Lennon’s track ‘Imagine’ which was re-released in 1980. I remember hearing it and going to buy it on 7” from my local Woolworths, for about 70p.

20 Dec 2019

Best Of 2019 Select Cuts Martina S.

‘With my sets, whether warm up or closing, I always try to transport the audience into my reality, a sort of dark fairy tale.

20 Dec 2019

Section 63 - Select Cuts

Ahead of this Friday’s Korsakov Music Christmas Party Section 63 shares his 2019 Tracks Of The Year, before jumping on the decks alongside Audio, Teddy Killerz, Droptek b2b Maztek, Cause4Concern, Mean Teeth, Ancient Radius.

18 Dec 2019

Egg LDN Resident DJs Tracks of The Year

We've asked our residents Kyle E & Luther Vine to kick in their producer thoughts and pick some of their best tracks that have been released through out 2019. Check these out, they'll get you ready for the weekend!

18 Dec 2019


This Friday Audio heads up the Korsakov Music Christmas Party alongside Teddy Killerz, Droptek b2b Maztek, Cause4Concern, Mean Teeth, Ancient Radius and more, and check out his 2019 Track’s Of The Year.

17 Dec 2019

Dorian Paic Berlin City’s Finest

Berlin is a good city to catch up with some Asian food, especially Vietnamese and Chinese food have a big history in the city. From top end to budget you can find all kinds of asian food.

17 Dec 2019

3 course meal with Jonny Slut

Ahead of the next event Berlin Berlin: Brave New World on Saturday December 28th Jonny shares the places he would take us for his best Three Course Meal, and can’t wait to sample them.

13 Dec 2019

Mean Teeth - City Finest – Vilnius, Lithuania

Hailing from Estonia and Lithuania, leading Drum and bass duo, Mean Teeth make their debut at Egg LDN on Friday 20th for Korsakov Music, alongside Audio, Teddy Killerz, Droptek back to back Maztek and Ancient Radius.

13 Dec 2019

Mark Knight’s Toolroom Classics

Ahead of NYE, Mark shares his 5 classic Toolroom secret weapons and we can’t wait to welcome him back.

13 Dec 2019

Esther Duijn – Tracks of 2019

I don’t really wanna analyse why I like it, that goes against how I see music. Music for me is a feeling and super objective.”

11 Dec 2019

Heiko Laux - Egg LDN Interview

I don’t really look at trends, I follow my belly feeling entirely and keep writing music about how the world feels to me. If I would have bend for any trend I would not have made 25 years.

05 Dec 2019

Late Replies Ones To Watch

Ahead of the night, the duo share 5 artists that constantly deliver for the dance floor.

04 Dec 2019

Anna Tur Ibiza’s Finest

As an Ibicencan, I am lucky enough to know some very hidden places. Believe it or not, in Ibiza and Formentera, there are still secret places known to a privileged few…and I love the idea of recommending 5 places in Ibiza

29 Nov 2019

3 Course Meal with Latmun

I’m going to do this on my hometown, Nottingham as I obviously know it the best and if people are in the city to party it gives them some things to try, I don’t think it’s quite as convenient to fly over to Japan or Australia.

27 Nov 2019

Weska - Crate Diggin

‘Probably Into The Ether’ by Sama. He’s one of my favourite producers at the moment and the track combines this super heavy groove with a simple but extremely effective melody.

26 Nov 2019

City’s Finest - Amsterdam by Luuk Van Dijk

I guess everybody’s #1 place is home. I just moved into this apartment some months ago with my girlfriend. It’s my booker’s old home and he’s a little bit jealous of what we’ve made of it…haha!

26 Nov 2019

Sven Väth’s top five tracks from Cocoon Recordings:

Ahead of Sven Väth's return to Egg London on Saturday 21st December we have asked him to pick five of his favourite release on Cocoon Records.

19 Nov 2019

City’s Finest Berlin - Hito

Now located in Berlin, Hito is part of Richie Hawtin’s international M-Nus events, she chooses 5 things about the city that she enjoys.

12 Nov 2019

Deborah De Luca - Select Cuts

To mark Familia’s 7th birthday, Deborah will soundtrack our Middle Floor an extended set which is sure to cover multiple sounds within the techno sphere. Here she shares her current faves ahead of the big event on Saturday 16 Nov.

11 Nov 2019

Artikal’s Influences

Having closed the summer season for Abode, fast rising London DJ shares his Influences ahead of the Mas Vida party this Friday

05 Nov 2019

Cristian Varela City Finest - London

Here’s he shares his adopted City’s Finest ahead of this Saturday November 9th’s show with Eduardo De La Calle and Egg LDN Resident, Kyle E.

05 Nov 2019

Francesca Lombardo Select Cuts

We caught up with Francesca Lombardo as she selects some of her favourite tracks across her musical career!

01 Nov 2019

Anja Schneider City’s Finest Berlin

I wanted to give you 5 places of mine that I would recommend you visit when you get a chance to visit the city for a few days.

30 Oct 2019

Endor Crate Diggin

This is really tricky because there's a ton of wicked stuff out right now. I'd say it's probably Wade's "Rowling". It's got so much energy and it goes off every time.

29 Oct 2019

Sterac Interview

Ahead of the night, we had a chat with Steve about what he's been up to recently, how the techno scene has evolved for him and what's next on the horizon...

23 Oct 2019

Influences - Enta

”These five tracks that have helped shape my career as an artist. It was a challenge trying to think of just 5 tracks that have influenced me as there is so much to talk about.

23 Oct 2019

Rachel Auburn Influences

Here’s she shares the key tracks that influenced her musical journey.

23 Oct 2019

Egg teams up with Francesca Lombardo - "LIFE OF RELEAF"

Egg LDN teams up with Francesca Lombardo for her charity "Life of Releaf" - For every donation ticket sold, £1 will go to "Life of Releaf" where one tree will be planted around the world.

16 Oct 2019

Projekt Gestalten - Influences

Here’s Projeckt Gestalten shares his Influences ahead of his hotly anticipated set at Berlin Berlin: Halloween Special this Saturday October 19th alongside Norman Nodge and The Lady Machine.

16 Oct 2019

Norman Nodge Interview

We caught up with Ostgut Ton Stalwart Norman Nodge ahead of his debut at Berlin Berlin this Saturday and discussed life, music, being a lawyer + much more. Check it out!

15 Oct 2019

Made In Paris City Finest - Sutherland Shire, New South Wales (Australia)

6 months ago I moved out of the centre of Sydney just 45 minutes south into the Sutherland Shire. It’s a lot less chaotic here which has proven great for a person like myself that needs some stillness between tours and travelling.

10 Oct 2019

The Lady Machine Crate Diggin

It has to be anything by Bowie, he's my total hero! I feel fortunate to have grown up in the 80’s listening to amazing music. David Bowie “Ashes to Ashes” is a winner and I remember it being super haunting back then.

09 Oct 2019

Bob Sinclar City’s Finest - Paris

I could die for spaghetti with caviar :-) not on the menu, but you can always ask the chef to cook it.

09 Oct 2019

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