Anja Schneider City’s Finest Berlin

I wanted to give you 5 places of mine that I would recommend you visit when you get a chance to visit the city for a few days.

Having worked relentlessly over the last decade, Anja Schneider is an acclaimed producer, radio broadcaster, label boss and tireless creative force and mentor. It's fair to say she is one of the most dedicated individuals in the music industry and returns to the club to showcase her dynamic sound and share her warm energy behind the decks alongside Francesca Lombardo at this Saturday November 2nd’s Day of The Dead celebrations.


Still hugely in demand having played the Loveland and Electric Island festivals as well as clubs dates at Panorama and Audio, Anja’s also found time to release ‘Funk That’ on her own Sous imprint as well as joining Magdalena for her Shadows residency in Ibiza.

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Anja Schneider - City’s Finest - Berlin


I live in Berlin, and it's the city I call home and love the most. Everything has been said about Berlin before but it’s still the best for me. It’s not romantic like Paris, and it’s not full of art and culture like London. Definitely not as much sun as Madrid, no beaches like Lisbon or Barcelona, but despite all this it has a very special and unique character and history that you can never get tired of. I wanted to give you 5 places of mine that I would recommend you visit when you get a chance to visit the city for a few days.



Food - Katerschmaus Restaurant 

Everyone has to eat, and one of my very favourite restaurants is Katerschmaus. This restaurant belongs to the legendary Kater Holzig formally known as Bar 25. It has wonderful food, and the extraordinary location at The Holzmarkt with a view overlooking the river Spree, is just beautiful. It's a popular spot with modern urban people wanting to get some time to relax.


Katerschmaus Restaurant


Bar - Melody Nelson 

I am not really a person who goes to bars a lot to drink often, but there is one place which I can recommend and that's Melody Nelson. It’s actually opposite my studio, and has a really nice local atmosphere. 


 Melody Nelson


Shopping - Pletzinger 


Berlin is of course famous for its fashion, so if you want to acquaint yourself with the typical Berlin street style and that crazy sports look then I can recommend one of my favourite shops in the city – Pletzinger




Culture -  90’s Berlin Exhibition


A visit to Berlin is not complete without experiencing and learning some of the culture. For that, I can recommend that if you wanna know a bit more about Berlin and the fascinating spirit of the city then go to the 90’s Berlin Exhibition. The magic of the city is then going to be a lot clearer afterwards.


90s Berlin Exhibition


Cocktails and more - Buck and Breck 


Finally, I would recommend Buck and Breck on Brunnenstrasse, in Berlin Mitte. If you fancy an extraordinary cocktail this is the place. You most likely won’t find it at first, because it looks like a closed shop front and its entrance is hidden. If you can pass the door, you will have a very special night out with good drinks which you won’t find anywhere in the city. Get ready to be surprised and overwhelmed by a smart night! It reminds me a bit of old times, and to Babylon Berlin. Be a time traveller and a sensualist and you’ll be in good hands.

Buck and Breck