Welfare at EGG London
Health and Safety of our clientele is our main priority.
Come and see us if you need help.

Let our team know if you feel unwell
If you start to feel unwell, let any member of our team know right away who will call for medical assistance for you. There are always medics on site as well as a dedicated welfare staff. We are not here to judge you if you come and see us for this reason. Your wellbeing is paramount.

Keep Your friends aware of your whereabouts
Keep an eye out for your friends and fellow clubbers. If someone starts to appear unwell or uncomfortable, then check if they’re ok and let our staff know if you’re worried about them. Our aim is to provide a safe and friendly environment where we help each other.

Keep hydrated on your Night Out
Free water is provided at all of our Bars. If you are unsure where you can locate free water, please ask one of the members of our staff. Remember, it is important to sip water regularly throughout the night but don’t down it too fast.

Take regular breaks for Fresh Air
We have relaxation areas inside and outside of the venue, where you can sit down for a moment. Take a breath and get a drink.

Let us deal with harassment
We operate a zero tolerance to harassment for all of our guests whatever your gender, sexual preference or background. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable then let us know - all our staff are trained to deal with dealing professionally with incidents of harassment.

Phone Signals
Please note that phone signals are weak in certain areas of the venue. So it's a good idea to pre-arrange a meeting spot for your group if separated. Our Pizza Restaurant located near our entrance is always a good meeting point.

Useful links and resources

  • The Samaritans
    Their aim is to help you consider all the options open to youand make the right choices which enables you to move on
  • The Loop
    The Loop is a not-for-profit charity founded by Professor Fiona Measham that provides welfare, forensic drug testing and harm reduction services on drugs, alcohol and sexual health. It's your best resource for getting important harm reduction advice. For up to date drug warnings check the Drug Alert Feed on The Loop's website here.
  • Drugwise
    Drugwise offers evidence-based information on drugs and alcohol, from harm reduction methods to treatment and recovery.
  • Erowid
    Erowid is an educational website offering information on a vast range of psychoactive substances, including effects and reports of experiences.
  • Talk To Frank
    Talk To Frank gives confidential advice on drugs, including how to help friends and recent news updates. Their website also features a number of drug support centres based in.
  • The DSM Foundation
    The DSM foundation was set up in memory of Daniel Spargo-Mabbs who tragically lost his life from an MDMA overdose. The organisation aims to bring evidence based drugs and alcohol education into schools and to young people.