Crate Diggin with DJ Rush

I never leave home without my trade mark, it's not an actual song or track, but I like to alert the people that is on now, time to take the dance floor to the next level.

Arguably one of Chicago’s most revered techno producers, DJ Rush artfully merges the sonic styles of his Chi-town with his current home of Berlin as a stellar advocate for hard techno. Pushing a percussive heavy, fast-past sound which reaches well beyond 140 BPM and in his own words, ‘Not letting the music control me, but letting the music guide me’. A real storyteller of sounds behind the decks, we learn which tracks helped shape DJ Rush ahead of his hotly anticipated set this Saturday October 5th alongside J.Fernandes and Egg LDN residents Luther Vine. 

Crate Diggin with DJ Rush

What track first made a major impression on you growing up and what can you recall about that time and how you heard it?

I remembering going to clubs at an early age with my sister, and I would hear the DJ play Funkadelic ‘(Not Just) Knee Deep’. Most of the times I would watch the DJ because I knew I was going to be in his shoes one day, but when the song came on now more watching the DJ. I was on the dance floor, to hear songs that you heard at home and that made the family happy, and that made me happy that I could have this feeling in a club.


Which track first inspired you to get into music seriously and think about it as a career? 

It's really hard to determine which song or track first inspired me to take music seriously, because I grew up with music from an early age and family members would play music all the time, singing and dancing from morning to night. I was exposed to a lot of music and the song that stood out the most was the Original mix of "Walk The Night" by Skatt Brothers. This song just creeps into your soul and it was a great song to do tricks with and scratches, so it was important to have two copies.


What’s your favourite dance floor track right now and what makes it stand out?

I'm so in love with Louie Vega’s ‘Love Having You Around’ featuring Rochelle Fleming & Barbara Tucker. It’s a remake of a classic, that I love so much by First Choice. The direction he took the song in just makes you want to go crazy, from the grooves, breaks and vocal arrangements. You can't help but feel the vibe and the soul from this song. I'm known in Europe for pumping techno, but my roots are in Disco and house music, so when I have this feeling I’ll glide a disco classic or classic house tune in my set.


What track do you wish you’d produced and why?

I have been singing the hell out of this song lately James Brown's ‘Funky Good Time’. I can relate to the groove and the sound. It has this jerk and hump to it, and the vocal are just fun to sing along with. It’s a party all in one with this song. If I could get the rights I would remake the hell out of this tune.


What track never leaves your bag and why’s it close to you? 

I never leave home without my trade mark, it's not an actual song or track, but I like to alert the people that is on now, time to take the dance floor to the next level. I would throw in the "Tarzan Yell", and the crowd go mad and insane. You know the major is ready and feeling it. I'm all about having that energy when I play. It’s about having fun and enjoying what you do and giving the people the emotion and feelings that you're feeling, and when I hear that yell from Tarzan it beats in your soul and you just know it's time to get wild, even when you though it couldn't get no better.