Sterac Interview

Ahead of the night, we had a chat with Steve about what he's been up to recently, how the techno scene has evolved for him and what's next on the horizon...

On 26th October, our Hollywood Forever party returns in full force. With a theme that pays homage to the 'Hollywood Forever' cemetery in L.A., expect an amalgam of dead stars to reawake on the night. A host of selectors from the Dutch, Sweden and Brazilian techno circuits will soundstrack the night.


STERAC aka Steve Rachmad heads up the bill. A producer who needs little introduction, Steve has released on Klockworks, Afterlife, Mote Evolver & many more. His STERAC alias touches on the darker, deeper side of techno, all the more reason to have him play our Middle Floor for our Halloween instalment.


Ahead of the night, we had a chat with Steve about what he's been up to recently, how the techno scene has evolved for him and what's next on the horizon...

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 Photos by - Marie Staggat

Sterac Interview


Hi Steve, thanks for chatting with us ahead of our Halloween session on 26th October. How have the last few months been for you on the road and at home in Amsterdam? 


Steve Rachmad: Hi there! Happy to be back to Egg, it’s been a while since the last time. I have a good summer behind me with a lot of studio time so I’m happy. I didn’t have my studio inhouse for about 3 years so you can’t imagine how happy I am if I have some time to dive into it :)



You have multiple alias' outside of STERAC but STERAC is the moniker you will be using for our upcoming event. STERAC is known for a sound which touches on the 'no-nonsense, darker, and deeper side of techno'. What is about this corner of techno that intrigues you the most?


Steve Rachmad: I guess it’s the groove and the energy together with nice rolling synthy sounds and atmospheres that do it for me. And it can have a certain mystery to it sometimes.

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Over the last number of years, techno has had something of a resurgence, particularly amongst the younger generation of music lovers. There is now a plethora of young producers and DJs out there who are making everything from industrial techno to more atmospheric, emotional sounds within the genre. Have you come across a new talent lately who has caught your attention?


Steve Rachmad: To be honest, last year I have been so focused on myself and the studio that I didn’t find the time to discover new talent. But for me Deniro is lately catching my attention with good stuff. Not a completely new talent but still pretty young in the business.


You've been on the electronic music circuit since the early 90s. How do you think the scene has changed in terms of how parties are curated and the kind of venues on offer which host parties?


Steve Rachmad: I guess nowadays people are more open minded to different styles. Sets also sound more eclectic these days, which is fun to see and hear. World music is big time accepted and more styles which all wasn’t the case in the 90’s. Venue-wise you see the trends in nice massive concrete style buildings. In the 90’s these buildings were only used for illegal raves. But I like to see this diversity and change in venues. This keeps things vibrant and in motion, things stay interesting.



What about your home in Amsterdam, are there certain venues and clubs which hold a special place in your heart even though the cities nightlife and clubs have evolved over the years? 


Steve Rachmad: In Amsterdam is a lot going on club-wise with some nice venues like Shelter, Marktkantine, De School and more, but I do miss the social aspect like in the time Studio 80 and Trouw were still around. They were a homebase as well for a part of the Amsterdam scene where we all got together and hang out.


Leave us with a track that has remained a firm favourite of yours and tell us why?


Steve Rachmad: Joe Smooth - Promised Land; it brings love and light over the dance floor. A total feel good track!

Check out STERAC new EP out on Indigo Aera on 8th November. Click here for a preview. 

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