Get to Know: Matador

We had a chat with the Irish techno titan ahead of his set this Saturday, 4th May alongside ANNA, our resident Luther Vine and more...

02 May 2019

Kiasmos City’s Finests

Ahead of his musical journey on May 11th traversing house, downtempo, ambient, and experimental tracks, Janus Rasmussen shares Reykjavík’s finest.

02 May 2019

Lawrence Selected Cuts

Ahead of the night, Lawerence shares five Selected Cuts with us to give us a taste of what he’s sonically all about…

01 May 2019

Lost Frequencies Interview

Heading up our Middle Floor this Friday, we caught with Felix to talk about life on the road, what’s next on his release schedule and his festival agenda is shaping up…

01 May 2019

ARTBAT Kiev's Finest

Ahead of the night, we got to know a bit more about the guys and their hometown of Kiev

24 Apr 2019

Deeper Purpose Under The Radar

Deep Purpose shares his favourite emerging artist with us in Under The Radar.

18 Apr 2019

Frankey & Sandrino - Italy & Essen’s Finest

The guys share five of their favourite things about their hometowns of Porto Santo Stefano and Essen ahead of their set at EGG LDN 16th Birthday

18 Apr 2019

Jasmine Azarian: Selected Cuts

Ahead of her debut set at Egg London this Saturday, Jasmine has put together five tracks that give us an insight into her diverse taste in music

16 Apr 2019

Anna V. Athens Finest

Ahead of her performance for EGG LDN 16th birthday Anna shares some of the best things about her hometown, Athens.

12 Apr 2019

Felix Jaehn Selected Cuts

Ahead of his return to Egg London Felix Jaehn picks some of his favourite tracks that are doing it for him right now!

11 Apr 2019

Wes Baggaley Selected Cuts

Wes Baggaley delivers his Select Cuts ahead of his debut show for Berlin Berlin Uncut on Easter Sunday April 21st.

10 Apr 2019

Select Cuts with Cardao

Portuguese techno producer Cardao play at Familia on April 13th alongside Paul and Kmyle.

09 Apr 2019

Influences: Kmyle

Kmyle reveals his influences that shaped his sound on his upcoming. Catch Kmyle perform live on Saturday 13th April with Familia on the middle floor.

07 Apr 2019

Get to Know: Nicole Moudaber

A seasoned selector, producer, label boss, activist, businesswoman and more. We caught up with Nicole ahead of our 16th Birthday celebrations on 27th April.

05 Apr 2019

Selected Cuts: Vril

German producer joins Marco Bailey in our Middle Floor on 25th May as part of Materia showcase and shares 5 tracks he's feeling at the moment...

03 Apr 2019

Selected Cuts: 999999999

Ahead of their set on 20th April, the guys share five selected cuts with us to give us more of an insight into what they’re all about…

03 Apr 2019

Get to know: HITO

Ahead of our 16th Birthday night to see what she’s been up to lately and what she enjoys about playing in London amongst other things…

02 Apr 2019

Bucharest Finest: Ada Kaleh

Romanian artist shares the finest things in his hometown of Bucharest ahead of his appearance this Saturday alongside Dj Deep, Cezar, Brothers Black, Desert Sound Colony and more...

02 Apr 2019

Influences: The Lady Machine

Unterwegs boss unveils her Influences ahead of her Berlin Berlin debut on Easter Sunday, 21st April as part of the boundary-pushing Pornceptual collective...

02 Apr 2019

Five essential things you need to know about Jan Blomqvist

My Moog little Phatty and the Prophet6 were two synths that were absolutely vital to the creation of my recent album ‘Disconnected’.

26 Mar 2019

YokoO interview

Longing, acceptance, surrender and most of all, unconditional Love.

22 Mar 2019

DeFeKT interview

Next lots of music and jamming. Pushing my live set always in the studio. I also want to do an album at some stage and not just banging.

14 Mar 2019

Selected Cuts: Submorphics

Sexy and smooth Critical-style liquid vibes on a quality EP from this talented & diverse Bristolian.

13 Mar 2019

360 Weekender Easter Special

Known for our bespoke KV2 sound system and its adaptability to stage different club events, the 360 Weekender Easter programme launches on Thursday, 18th April...

12 Mar 2019

Cologne's Finest: Tim Engelhardt

The German producer shares five of his favourite spots in Cologne where he likes to hang out ahead of his appearance on 22nd March alongside Grum & Tinlicker...

12 Mar 2019

Happy International Women's Day

Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change

08 Mar 2019

Influences: Subcora (Pachamama)

Subcora has gained momentum with her DJing in eclectic and melodic house field, seen in her podcasts for labels and events such as Magician on Duty, Zero, Deep Klassified, Ethereal Kollektiv, Dream Culture and Sunset Grooves.

06 Mar 2019

Paris’ Finest - Zimmer

With his tropical twist on house and disco, Zimmer is taking 2019 by storm. The Parisian producer calls upon both the ‘City of Love’ and California for his music, combining feel-good grooves and dreamy soundscapes.

06 Mar 2019

London’s Finest: Late Replies

Ahead of the night, the guys share five of the finest things about living in their hometown of London…

27 Feb 2019

Selected Cuts: SAMA

Joining the bill for the Respekt Showcase on 2nd of March, the Dutch artist shares five selected cuts to give us a taste of what to expect on the night...

25 Feb 2019

Under The Radar: DJ Deep

The Parisian producer joins us on 6th April for Bade 5th year anniversary with Desert Sound Colony, Brothers Black, Ada Kaleh & ahead of the night he shares five emerging producers who deserve a shout

25 Feb 2019

Under the Radar: Spektre

Ahead of their Respekt showcase, Spektre shares five emerging artists with us who deserve a shout as ones to watch this year...

25 Feb 2019

Influences: Othon

Ahead of his debut at Berlin Berlin for Homostash, Papa Loko founder shares five tracks which heavily influenced his sound since he delved into music production….

15 Feb 2019

Utrecht's Finest: Tinlicker

Curious to know more about the roots of the electronic duo, they share five of the favourite spots to explore in their hometown of Utrecht...

15 Feb 2019

Teramo’s Finest: Leon

We got to know a little more about the Italian producer and how his home town shaped his taste in music, food, pubs & more ahead of his B2B with Pirupa...

15 Feb 2019

Influences: Grum

Glaswegian producer shares five tracks from artists who have heavily influenced his sound ahead of his set on 22nd March with Tinlicker & Tim Engelhardt...

15 Feb 2019

Pivotal Moments: Alisha

Ahead of her debut at the club on 22nd February with Italy’s leading musical brothers, Pirupa & Leon for B2B launch party, the UK house talent shares the game-changing moments that have shaped her career...

15 Feb 2019

Discount 4 Lovers

To mark ❤︎ Valentine's Day ❤︎ next week we're offering 2 tickets for £5 to some of our events featuring the likes of DJ Rush, Jan Blomqvist, Grum, East End Dubs and many more…

06 Feb 2019

Get to know: Remelie

Ahead of her debut at the club in 15th February alongside East End Dubs, we sat down with the young DJ to find out more about her as an artist and see what else is in store for her this year…

05 Feb 2019

Under The Radar: Detlef

The Greek artist plays a special extended All Night Long set for us this Friday, 8th February. Ahead of the night, he shares his thoughts on five emerging producers...

04 Feb 2019

Berlin's Finest: Deepneue

Pornceptual's Deepneue returns to Berlin Berlin on 23rd February and ahead of the night, he gives us an insight into the finest things in Berlin...

01 Feb 2019

Selected Cuts: Paride Saraceni

The Italian producer returns to the club on 9th February with Roberto Capuano & Eric Sneo. Ahead of the night, he dug into his record bag to share fives tracks with us…

01 Feb 2019

Get to know: Eric Sneo

The German producer returns to our Middle Floor on 9th February alongside Roberto Capuano, Paride Saraceni & our resident Luther Vine. Ahead of the night, we caught up with Eric to see what he’s been up to recently...

01 Feb 2019

Selected Cuts: DJ Rush

Ahead of his debut on 9th March, one of Chicago's most revered techno producers shares 5 selected cuts with us to get us in the mood...

01 Feb 2019

Get to know: Earth Trax

Ahead of his appearance this Saturday with James Zabiela, Harrison BDP and Luther Vine, we caught up with the Polish producer...

01 Feb 2019

Get to know: Popof

Ahead of the second Familia of 2019, we caught up with the French producer who is bringing his Form Showcase to the Middle Floor with Julien Jeweil and Mladen Tomic on 16th February...

30 Jan 2019

Selected Cuts: James Zabiela

The British producer returns this Saturday, 2nd February to grace the decks. Ahead of the night he dug through his record bag to share five of his favourite current tracks...

29 Jan 2019

Under The Radar: East End Dubs

Keen to shine a light on burgeoning talent, the Turkish producer shares five artists who have slipped under his radar recently ahead of his appearance on 15th February...

28 Jan 2019

Selected Cuts: Visionobi

Joining us on Friday, 1st February for our first ever Red Bull Music presents Fractions DnB session at the club, the London based artist shares five selected cuts with us...

28 Jan 2019

Berlin’s Finest: Projekt Gestalten

Joining us for Berlin Berlin on 23rd February with Pornceptual, the Brazilian selector shares five of his favourite things about Berlin...

22 Jan 2019

Vote for Egg LDN - DJ Mag Top100 Clubs 2019

2018 was a huge year for us and looking on to the next chapter, it’s your chance to vote for us in the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll.

18 Jan 2019

Get to know: ZØE

The Italian selector joins us once again alongside Sam Paganini, on Saturday, 19th January and we caught up her ahead of the night...

18 Jan 2019

Selected Cuts: Ronnie Spiteri

Billed to support Sidney Charles at the club on 25th January, Ronni gives us a glimpse into his record bag with five selected cuts ahead of the night…

17 Jan 2019

Under The Radar: Cloonee

Making his debut at the club this Friday, 18th January, the promising producer shines a light on five emerging artists who have slipped under his radar recently...

17 Jan 2019

Under The Radar: Fabio Ferro

Long-running Familia resident shares five artists who have slipped under his radar recently ahead of Familia's January instalment...

11 Jan 2019

Get to know: Layton Giordani

Ahead of the first Familia of the year, we caught up with Layton to see what he’s been up to lately and what he enjoys about playing in London, New York and beyond…

08 Jan 2019

Get to know: Marcel Fengler

Heading up the Middle Floor on 26th January for our 10 Years of Woo! Showcase, we caught up with one of Berghain’s first resident DJs...

08 Jan 2019

January Flash Sale!...

Giving back to our loyal family and friends of the club during this particularly harsh month after the festive season, we’re offering £1 tickets for some of our events...

07 Jan 2019