Influences: The Lady Machine

Unterwegs boss unveils her Influences ahead of her Berlin Berlin debut on Easter Sunday, 21st April as part of the boundary-pushing Pornceptual collective...

A major reference amongst the Brazilian techno scene now based in Berlin, The Lady Machine unveils her Influences ahead of her debut at Egg LDN as part of the boundary-pushing Pornceptual collective at Berlin Berlin Uncut on Easter Sunday, April 21st. 

She’s gained a solid reputation for her deep music selection and mixing skills even incorporating an old school Roland TR-707 in the DJ booth. As well as racking up an impressive array of festival dates and clubs across Europe and both North and South America she’s just started producing with the first released ‘Decka/Other Form’ EP out now on her new Unterwegs label. 

‘Step To Enchantment - Jeff Mills – (Stringent)

Jeff Mills is probably the artist who influenced me the most as a DJ. This one is extremely special for me because it captures incredible raw energy. The crunched 909 and 303 plus that special hardware unpolished sound created this timeless track. I have been playing this for the past 20 years and I still love it. 

‘Deranged’ - David Bowie 

Bowie was unique. I feel lucky to have seen him live in the 90’s. His voice is really haunting and eerie in this track, which I love. This also appears on the soundtrack of ‘Lost Highway’, one of my best-loved films by David Lynch. 

‘When Love Breaks Down’ - Prefab Sprout 

One of my favourite bands from the North of England. A song with lyrics and melody that fit together beautifully.


‘Numbers’ - Kraftwerk 

A crucial band on my involvement in electronic music. They are pioneers and I think ‘Numbers’ might have been one of the first tracks I would have called “electro”.  


‘Los Niños Del Parque’ - Liaisions Dangereuses 

Is this the best electronic loop ever made? For me, quite possibly. The beat and the rhythm absolutely ahead of its time.


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