Get to know: Latmun

We caught up with one of the most exciting names in the UK house scene ahead of his all night long set on Friday, 21st June...

Over the last few years, Nottingham's Joe Bradley aka Latmun has garnered a reputation as one of the most exciting names in the UK house scene. A charismatic artist who blends coherent energy with infectious grooves, he is one of the most consistent artists on the global electronic circuit with productions on Relief Records, Hot Creations and VIVa Limited amongst others. 

We couldn’t be happier to welcome him back to soundtrack our Middle Floor on 21st June for a special All Night Long set. We caught up with him to find out more about his Long Play tour, his tips for artists, what we can expect on the night and more...

Last month you toured North America, what was the highlight on the road? 

There have been so many amazing times! During that time, I had work being done on my house so I’ve literally been commuting across the Atlantic on a weekly basis for the past 4-5 weeks. There was one week where I played Malaga, Vegas, We Are FSTVL London, Garden Party Leeds and Detroit in a week. 

I worked out that I had travelled further than the circumference of the world which is kinda crazy! I played Paradise In The Park in LA a few weeks ago. Aside from being an amazing event, I also played B2B with Lauren Lane for the first time. B2B’s are really fun and until you give it a go with someone you never truly know if you are going to be fighting each other or musically gel well for that set. This was the latter and we were both on the exact same wavelength of what we thought we should play at that time of evening before Loco Dice. It came together as a really nice set with an amazing and receptive crowd. 

A stop at Coachella was on your tour agenda, what was it like playing at there compared to a UK festival? 

Coachella really was a whole experience as they take the production to a crazy level! Walking around the venue there were so many different themed areas - sort of like a theme park for ravers. People travel from all over the world and it makes for a great crowd - you can see different people in the crowd really resonating with different tracks. As a DJ, this allows me to play a diverse set which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Your return on 21st June is part of your Long Play Tour which focuses on extended sets. How do you go about planning an extended set or do you do it all on the fly? 

There is a huge amount of planning that goes into an extended set. Not in terms of which order to play tracks, as I would never like to do that, it would be thoroughly boring. But, when playing for seven hours like I am at Egg London on 21st June, I organize my music so it’s easy to find what I’m looking for to continue the next part of the journey in that set. 

If it isn’t well organised, you can get stressed trying to find the next song and it can throw off your whole set. I like to organise music for a long set into vibes - for example; Warmup, Warmup Vocals, Rolling, Melodic, Peak Time, Vocal Peak Time, Curveball’s and 5 am Vibes. Then, go back over the last few years of music I have collected. 

When I import music for the first time I put it into playlists by month which I go through and re-organise into vibe categories. This makes it easy to select tracks on the night and control the vibe without losing the journey of the set. 

Any tips for physical and mental endurance during these sets? 

This is quite a big consideration that people on the dance floor don’t realise. When you’re on a night out you can take breaks in the smoking area, have a sit down with your friends or going to the toilet. But, when you’re playing the whole night, you're the first one in and the last one out. I like to make sure I’m really hydrated before as that keeps my energy up. It’s easy to forget to drink water when you're concentrating. 

I also like to have a few drinks to get into the same vibe of those on the dance floor but you have to pace yourself otherwise you’ll be hungover before the end… 

Is it safe to say you prefer playing more extended sets now or is it something you only like to do on specific occasions? 

I definitely prefer playing longer sets, it allows me to express myself much more. When I’m playing the whole night, I can create a night of music that is my vision of clubbing as there aren’t other DJs who might change the vibe. It has to be the right club with the right sound system. A bad sound system makes it hard to set the vibe I want.