Influences: Kmyle

Kmyle reveals his influences that shaped his sound on his upcoming. Catch Kmyle perform live on Saturday 13th April with Familia on the middle floor.

Tipped by Laurent Garnier as one to watch with captivating releases like ‘Hypnosis’ [Clergy] and ‘Rising’ [Clergy] under his belt, Kmyle one of the most promising names on the French techno circuit at the moment. 

With Ilario Alicante having remixed ‘Morning Lobotomy’ and with the new Empty Shells EP out now on Clergy, Kmyle is also part of the Möd3rn trio and also releases as Laval. Returning to the club Saturday April 13th with Paul Ritch and Cardao for a Quartz Rec showcase, we chatted about his influences ahead of his live set on the night… 

Influences: The sounds that shaped Kmyle

‘Acid Eiffel’ - Laurent Garnier 

It conveys an emotion for the future and the past that speaks to everyone.


 ‘Amo Bishop Roden’ Boards Of Canada 

Always with a hope and energy for the future, this represents what I’ve been through in the past.


‘And It Rained All Night/ - Thom Yorke

In the darkest hours, Thom Yorke always manages to give me the strength to shape up and advance.


‘Unfinished Sympathy’ - Massive Attack 

This track educated my ears and has always conveyed the idea that all the musical mixtures are possible, and that everything remains possible.

‘Take A Walk’ Neo-Romantic Dima Mix - Bolz Bolz

To conclude it’s a piece from Vitalic user his Dima moniker that sticks to my skin for a very long time. It symbolises many happy moments with my friends which I think will speak to many people. 


Catch Kmyle live at Egg London on Saturday 13th April taking over the main floor with Familia!