Get to know: HITO

Ahead of our 16th Birthday night to see what she’s been up to lately and what she enjoys about playing in London amongst other things…

Japanese vinyl enthusiast and Model 1 affiliate HITO makes her Egg debut as part of our 16th birthday on Saturday 27th and joins Nicole Moudaber to soundtrack our Middle Floor on the night. An avid wax collector with a myriad of captivating records covering minimal to club orientated techno, HITO’s set at the club is something we’re particularly looking forward to on our April agenda. 

Radiating infectious positive energy with her charismatic personality which shines through her taste in music, we had a chat with HITO ahead of the night to see what she’s been up to lately and what she enjoys about playing in London amongst other things… 

You’re in the middle of an extensive tour at the moment covering Portugal, Greece, Italy, Israel and lots more. How’s it all going? 

I still enjoy touring a lot! I play 100% vinyl so especially I really like to play clubs around. Every city has character and different energy, some cities are the second and the third times, some of them are the first time to play there. It’s always exciting and interesting for me to meet people and get to know the cities. This is one of my life’s work. 

Not only to play, but I also deliver something from me and I want to get to know the places. I believe this small love cause big love. In today’s industry, there’s a lot more focus on the mental health of an artist both on the road and after the shows than ever before. 

How do you look after yourself mentally and physically during intense periods of travelling? 

I guess I have been a bit lazy in winter time... Since I realize it, I check up myself what I really eat. Once a week I always do pilates, then cooking some Japanese food. I really miss the taste of “Miso” so after my tour, I cook miso soup often and feel myself calm down. I have my therapist in Japan. Each time I go back home, I visit her and checkup my mental situation. It’s always so wonderful, but once I meditate, I feel recovered. I try to come back and find myself. I do medical checkup 2-3 times in the year. 

You will be hosting your OTO project at Watergate, Berlin on 1st May with Paco Osuna, what’s the ethos and meaning behind OTO from the artwork, bookings and general aesthetic of the night? 

Yes, I am super excited!!! Especially playing with Paco and myself for all night long, on the first of May - May Day, in Berlin!!! OTO (音)means “Sound” in Japanese. I simply represent OTO which has different characteristics, interesting artists, Japanese artists, live act and odd line ups. I have been DJing around the world, I like this diversity a lot. I am from Japan, Japan is a little island where no border countries are next to it. These are my roots, so I feel that it’s nice to represent and share aspects of Japan. Especially artwork, these flowers are a design of “Hanafuda” (花札) Japanese traditional card game. Design of different Flowers shows 12 months, January to December. So Flowers are a metaphor to show the month. 

One of Japanese beauty is “indirect”. As you know paper walls, Noren (shop curtain), you can not see directly but you feel existence there, from the shadow or some sound behind. I believe you can not see the real beauty, you feel the beauty. My art of DJing is “Metaphor” of the journey. It’s not only one place to go. 

As a resident of Berlin since 1999, how do you think the electronic music scene has evolved over the last decade? 

Berlin has been changed a lot. I feel that when the Love Parade ended, maybe the scene is getting subdivided. There are many different small underground clubs and residency nights happening. But then when the electronic music scene became more like big business, these clubs are getting fewer and fewer. It’s also part of music history. I think it is natural that the scene changes as the times change. It is neither good nor bad. 

It will be your first time playing for us here at the club on 27th April for our birthday, what do you enjoy about London’s electronic music culture? 

Yes, I am so excited to play for the first time at Egg London!! It’s your birthday party!!! I like to celebrate together. This is joy and happiness, this is love. We can feel already that it’s going to be a fantastic night for all... it’s energizing. Especially playing with Nicole is fantastic vibes!! 

In recent years, I played several different clubs in London. I have a feeling that people who come more where I play, they know about the scene in Ibiza. London is international, melting pot, so people more enjoy and hang out with a group of friends and meeting friends around the world, party friends and share. There are many well known international artists, DJs and producers, various music scene so very different than Berlin or even in Tokyo. You’ll be joining Nicole on the bill, a fellow Model 1 ambassador. 

How did you both become involved with the Model 1 way of mixing? 

MODEL1 is a Richie Hawtin project. We were chosen for this project. I am so lucky to have this opportunity to use MODEL1 since the mixer was first created. I really appreciate it. Because the MODEL1 is analogue, as I said that I play 100% vinyl which is analogue sound, I have an opportunity to make sensitive and fine-tuning of the sound. Some vinyl has low levels, some are louder, I need to control the balance. It’s not the same as digital to play. I like the touch of vinyl, the synchronicity with the feeling of MODEL1 and I can not resist the master filter. 

Ahead of our birthday, leave us with a track which you feel embodies where you are at now in your career? 

HALE - HITO x SUDO by Mood records I just had to release my EP by Nicole ’s Mood records. This is a collaboration with a Japanese producer calls SUDO. My part is field sampling. I like organic sounds and the voices of my friends. We express the same meaning but in so many different words. I like this diversity a lot and this is how we are. I want to share with you with a lot of love and happiness for this big celebration!!! 

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