Get To Know: Materia Records

The brains behind the illustrious imprint, Marco Bailey tells us more about the label's vision, mission and what he has in store for us this Saturday...

Ahead of this Saturday's EGG LDN Pres: MATERIA with Marco Bailey, Vril (Live), Jonas Kopp, Luther Vine, the brains behind Materia Records, the Belgian techno don tells us more about the label's vision, mission and what he has in store for us this Saturday... 

 What was your mindset when you launched Materia and what did you want the label to be and achieve? Materia vision is with the events same as with the label, living the energy and sound we feel connected with. 

My mind set was and is always been to create a family and team that feels and go for the same energy of sound the same mood, the same spirit. I also always try to bring in new people and talents that support our vision label and sound as well! 

If you could pick a favourite track from Materia label what one would it be and why - any special memory or story behind it? 

The Light on the end of the tunnel by KAS:ST, 2 super talented guys from Paris but now based in Barcelona. This track has to me so a unique and special emotion that it is defo my favourite tune from ALL Materia tracks so far.

From the future releases you’ve got coming on Materia could you select five artists that you think will create waves this year? 

KAS:ST, Linear Straight, Yotam Avni, WLDRZ, Deas...

You have played at Egg London several times now, but this time you’re bringing your showcase to Kings Cross and what does this mean for Materia and can we expect on the night? 

I played first time in Egg in 2010 I believe, had always good times, great club, nice to see is open for many things, not only always same headliners and music. Music has many beautiful sidewalks! Very glad that they open their doors for Materia Concept where great music comes first! 

Will you showcase any new tracks this Saturday and could you pick a couple and tell us a bit about them and why they stand out? 

At the moment some fresh guys, especially from Portugal, have been my eyecatchers. Temudo and Thousand Details but also Deepbass is really one of my favourite producers I will definitely play his beautiful remix om Inertia Saturday and lots more, come full of energy to dance the whole night long ! Its gonna be a wild night!