Influences: DJ Jauche

One of the original pillars of Berlin electronic music scene joins us for Berlin Berlin Pride edition on 6th July as the special guest of Homostash...

An original pillar of the Berlin electronic music scene, having played for the Ostgut (now Berghain) and Sage clubs, DJ Jauche aka Oliver Marquardt is renown for an evocative multi-genre vinyl sets that’s seen him in high demand across the city’s leading clubs including Suicide Circus, Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke and Wilde Renate for the last two decades. 

Starting with original rave-style party ‘Jauchomatic’, which he launched with his brother Sven Marquardt, (best know as the ‘Iron Man’ selector and photographer of the Berghain Club) and which is still held annually in Berlin to this day, with his status confirmed by inclusions in the ‘Klang der Familie’ book about the early days of techno music as well as appearing in the documentaries ‘Deutsche Welle’ and Arte TV’s ‘Tanz auf dem Todesstreifen’. 

No slouch when it comes to producing too his first Jack Flash release, a cover of ’Love is in the Air’ lit up the legendary Love Parade and since then Jauche has notched up releases on Jay Haze's label Roots/Tunning Spork and his own Appeal Musique and current, Flaneurecordings including the sold-out ’Kaskadeur’ and recent ‘We All Need’ releases. 

Continually evolving as an artist Jauche has produced the album '15 Neue DAF Lieder' for electronic giants, DAF, remixed Frankie Bones and fellow Berliner Marusha with new reworks to come for Enliven and Anna Cavazos. 

Oliver joins us on 6th July for Berlin Berlin Pride edition, as the special guest of Homostash and here he shares his musical Influences here...

Heaven 17- Fascist Groove Thang’ (We Don´t Need This ) 

I like many tracks of Heaven 17 and I have three of their albums in my shelf. When the album’s title song was released, I was really thrilled about how they combined synth sounds with seven organic classic instruments. The haunting chorus kept me singing the hook for days.

T.Ski Valley - Catch the Beat’  

I've heard this T-Ski number on the radio at night and in the beginning, I thought it was something from Kurtis Blow. I remember I was hanging on the radio at night, listening and recording broadcasts of "Alten West Berlin" (Old West Berlin). I was fascinated by the common mixture of rap and funk, disco and a pinch of soul. I loved the Flow of the MC a lot. Haha

‘Me and Mrs Jones’ - Billy Paul 

I have listened to that song at night on the radio and it took me many years to discover, who and what it was. And every time when I was lovesick I listened to it for 24 hours a day. 


‘Rockit’ - Herbie Hancock 

Oh dear, that "Rock It" video has driven me crazy and more than that! I have been busy to learn and improve my own break dance moves. I guess, back then I was half a robot. Amazing that a jazz musician has gifted Hip hop such a highly influential music number. 

‘Raspberry Beret’ - Prince Raspberry 

Beret is a representative of so many endless songs, that this amazing musician has left for us. I liked the colourful and vivid video, the guy with the guitar, could dance and sing and had lots of girls in his band. Hahaha.

 T 99 - ’Anastasia’ 

Anastasia had blown me away back then, and not only me It was loud, wild and completely different from what I have heard before. New remixes have been released for the anniversary, which was in that year.