Frankey & Sandrino - Italy & Essen’s Finest

The guys share five of their favourite things about their hometowns of Porto Santo Stefano and Essen ahead of their set at EGG LDN 16th Birthday

Frankey & Sandrino - Italy & Essen’s Finest 

Over a decade producing under their Frankey & Sandrino alias, Frank Beckers and Sandrino Tittel have established themselves as one of the most driven and musically schooled doublets with a loyal global following. A combination of compelling live shows and energetic DJ sets has resulted in the pair becoming one of the most in-demand electronic duos to date. 

The captivating duo join us 27th April for a well overdue return to the club and ahead of the night, the guys share five of their favourite things about their hometowns of Porto Santo Stefano and Essen… 

SANDRINO on Porto Santo Stefano (Italy) 


Breakfast at Mataloni´s

Mataloni is my fave Cafe Bar in the village. I really needed to get used to sweet Italian breakfast but Mataloni´s perfect espresso paired with this Apple-Cinnamon Cornetto is a dream. Of course u can have some salty stuff too like fresh made tramezzini with Tuna & Artichokes or Ham, Mozzarella Radicchio … mmmhhh... 


After breakfast I always like to go to the local Market to buy fresh veggies and as Porto Santo Stefano is located at the Sea Fresh Fish is a must. All products are seasonal & from local farms and u get the best taste u can have. 

Checking the Area 

I discovered a beautiful abstract sculpture Art garden basted on the esoteric tarot named Giardino Dei Tarocchi. It´s an half hour car drive through Tuscany’s countryside which is already an adventure. The Sculptures are inspired by Gaudi’s Park Güell and u feel like you’re tripping when you walk through this Labyrinth. During summertime you can go straight to one of the beautiful beaches like La Cantoniera, which u reach by going through an old Train tunnel directly from the village. Its one of my fave beaches. U can just hang out or climb rocks and jump in. 

It’s Appetitivo Time 

The appetitive is a big thing here and in Italy in general. You go out to meet your friends before dinner to have a nice drink, chitchat and a lil’ snack. In Porto Santo Stefano I like going to Bar Buco, they have a really good collection of local vines. If you fancy a good longdrink then Sparkling is the spot. Both of them located at the seafront in the town square. 

Dinner Time 

My fave restaurant in town is La Locandina. Of course 99% based on fish, caught in the morning and eaten in the evening. I like to start with a mix of fresh raw fish and then my fave pasta dish wich is Spaghetti Vongole Bottarga. Bottarga is salted cured fish Roa and its taste in combination with the fresh Vongole is incomparable. All accompanied by a delicious Vermentino. After that you should have a Gelato Cremino Freddo at Bar Giulia to complete it :) 

FRANKEY on Essen (DE) 



My favorite breakfast place. Best scrambled eggs and coffee in town and also a great meeting place for alternative people from the local Music and Art scene.


This Club is my 2nd living room as me and my wife have a very close relationship with the owner and everybody working there. It´s a small intimate place with a killer soundsystem and general good vibes. Meanwhile this place is known all over the world and a lot of high profile DJs come there to play for smaller fees, because they simply want to. I also like the fact, that it´s only 300m away from my house…. ;-) 

Baldeneysee Essen

A beautiful lake surrounded by pure nature. If you only know the center or north of Essen you will be surprised about the the beauty of the south. While the north can still look like a pretty rough industrial place, the south and specially the Baldeneysee Area looks like pure holidays… 

Zeche Zollverein 

It's a UNESCO world heritage and called the cultural heart of the Ruhr Area. The old coal mine has diverse offerings to experience the world of coal, coke, art, music and culture, on a huge 100 Hectar ground. 


This is actually the place I spend most of my time and it´s also probably my favourite spot in town. Specially because it´s not a public place, so there it´s only me and music without any disturbance. 

Catch Frankey & Sandrino celebrating our 16th birthday next weekend with Nicole Moudaber // Artbat // Hito // Anna V + many more! Click here for tickets.