Berlin's Finest: Mar/Us

Gegen resident shares the finest things about German capital ahead of our spectacular Berlin Berlin Pride Edition.

After experimenting with various musical scenes in his native Italy, Mar/us embraced the underground and queer reality which guided him straight to Berlin and led him to take controls of the most important parties and clubs worldwide, like Suicide Circus, Tresor, Egg London, Aboutblank, Red Light Radio. One of the residents of the infamous Gegen parties in Berlin and Mar/Us will be joining us once again Saturday, 6th July alongside, Bloody Mary, Homostash, Mønster Queen, DJ Jauche & many more for our outrageous Berlin Berlin Pride Edition. Here he shares the finest things about Berlin with us ahead of the night. 


I've been living in Berlin for about 1 year but I've always been fascinated by this beautiful city. It was love at first sight. The thing I love most about Berlin is its tranquillity. Having lived for 17 years in Rome, where everything is chaotic, in Berlin instead it seems that life runs more slowly, people are less stressed and consequently, relationships with others are also less violent. Smiling people makes you feel immediately at home. 


Respect and tolerance are the keys to this city. You can be anyone, come from who knows where and dress as you wish, there will be nobody to point their finger at you or judge you. There is a very strong inclusion policy here, so if there is someone who should make a judgment against someone, he would be the weird one. Genders do not exist, identity barriers are surmounted, there are only human beings in Berlin. 

Music Scenes & Clubs 

One of the reasons why I moved here is the Berlin underground scene. That you cannot follow it from a distance, you must live it, immerse yourself into the sounds that go against the tide and accept the novelties they propose. Here we have a vastness of clubs and parties for all tastes. 

The Berlin techno scene is the most important in the world and it is so diversified that you can lose yourself in it. Every day there are different events so that everyone is pleased, from banging techno to the environment and experimental music, you just have to find your mood and get out. You can't get bored at home. 


Everyone loves sex, but here it seems that they love it even more than the rest of the world. There are countless places to get rid of preconceptions and let yourself go. They don't like to waste time and go straight to the point.


Exhibitions, galleries, public and private, large and small, famous and not, Berlin gives space to artists, of any kind, be it photography or modern dance, there are many realities that can confront each other on this great stage and become contaminated by each other.