Metodi Hristov Select Cuts

The "Set About" boss selects five of his go to tracks that have stuck with him throughout his career!

No stranger to Egg LDN, Metodi Hristov’s musical arsenal incorporates intense techno tracks to more experimental, off-kilter creations. Check out his Select Cuts ahead of this Saturday’s show alongside Umek.

It’s easy to see why the Set About boss has blown up internationally in the last few years fuelled by a rigorous touring schedule of top European festivals as well as garnering solid support for his latest EPs ’Detection’ on cR2 and ‘Enter’ on Octopus, which also includes a collar with D-Unity.

Metodi Hristov Select Cuts

1. ‘Give Me Your Love’ - Carl Cox, Hannah Robinson

I love this track! It was released around 2004. I remember when I found it, I just couldn’t stop listening it. It reminds me about the time when I started seeing myself as a DJ.


2. ‘ Where is Mr. Gab On ‘

Super Touch Super funny track from 2006. Mostly listenedto at home parties and there’s no way to forget this phone call! :-)


3. ‘All By Myself ‘ - Joeski

The best Joeski track ever in my opinion! It was release in 2007 and it reminds me of the time when I was a local DJ and especially about an after hours club named Bukowski where I played quite regularly.


4. ‘Mama Queen’ - Shonky

This track from 2009 is a bomb! Shonky was one of my favourite producers at that time when I played tech house mostly. Super groovy and fits in everywhere and at anytime.


5. ‘ Close To Me’ - iq, Tish

This track is 2010 and I think I played it more than any other track (except some of my tracks :-) ). I love the atmosphere and the aggressive, sharp synth coming from nowhere...

Catch Metodi Hristov at Egg LDN this Saturday with UMEK and Egg LDN resident Kyle E. Click here to grab tickets.