Rio De Janeiro's Finest: Leo Janeiro

Warung resident shares his favourite places from his native city ahead of their takeover with Victor Ruiz, Vinicius Honorio & more on Saturday, 22nd June...

Leo Janeiro is a genuine “Carioca” who was somehow blessed with his native city Rio De Janeiro. Resident for Brazil’s impressive Warung Beach Club and the Beehive Club, he is heading to Europe, racking up 5 gigs in 3 cities across 15 days, which sees him kick off at Egg LDN before heading to Watergate, Sisyphos, Pacha BCN and WACAM on Saturday 22nd June for EGG LDN Pres: Warung with Victor Ruiz, Leo Janeiro, Vinicius Honorio, Leozinho

Helping launch the Rio Music Conference and as A&R at Warung Recordings, Leo has proved himself to be top of his game in Brazil with his latest collab ‘Chima’ with Nuno Deconto is out on Get Physical and releases on esteemed labels such as Suara, D-Edge Records, and more...

Here Warung resident shares his favourite places from his native city ahead of their takeover. 


Waking up early and being able to walk around the beach is always something amazing, I'm grateful every day for moments like this, besides I can do my workouts open air and enjoy the most. 


One of the most incredible places of the night in Rio, surrounded by bars, music and the beautiful Arcos da Lapa. Close by you can visit the Escadaria Selarón, a Spanish artist who was responsible for the work that became a tourist attraction. 

Tropicalia Discos 

The meeting place for vinyl lovers, where you can find incredible musical diversity and spend hours digging everything about Brazilian music. Definitely, a place to visit! 


One of the most iconic stadiums in the world, a true monument of football. As a good Flamengo supporter, it's always amazing being able to go to the games. A place where I can meet my friends and talk about football! Feeling the crowd vibration is something that’s really impressive! 

Bar do Bira 

It is impossible not to go to Bar do Bira, in Pedra de Guaratiba. Its speciality is typical Brazilian food, such as the famous Moqueca de Camarão, which makes me hungry right now lol. The place is surrounded by nature.