Influences: Stimming

The award-winning producer gives us a rare insight into 5 tracks that influenced his early musical development ahead of his live set alongside Kiasmos (Dj Set), Tom Law, our residents Kyle E, Luther Vine and many more...

From his early release on Solomun’s Diynamic imprint - the breakthrough single “Una Pena” to award-winning Live festivals sets, Hamburg based DJ & Producer, Stimming has established himself as a unique voice in today’s electronic music scene with an ever-evolving array of sonic masterpieces. 

Fearless with his emotive productions and remixes for the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Nina Kraviz and Stephan Bodzin, Stimming is not shy to experiment and such flair has seen him cement his reputation amongst the discerning House and Techno community. 

The revered producer always pushes the envelope to create something special. And with an ethos that espouses ''I’m neither afraid of showing my emotions nor afraid to include them in my music...’', we’re thrilled to be hosting one of the most exciting and innovative artists on Saturday, 11th May alongside Kiasmos, Tom Law and our residents Kyle E, Luther Vine for a hypnotic live set in our Middle Floor. Ahead of the night, Stimming gives us a rare insight into 5 tracks that influenced his early musical development. 

 DJ Krush - ‘Dig This Vibe’ 

This is maybe the most important track for my electronic awakening. Before this track, I never really understood how beautiful electronica can sound. To be fair: Rhodes chords and a sampled groove have been 'real' at one stage and its obviously hip hop what we are hearing. but without words, it really opened up something. 


Amon Tobin - ‘The Lighthouse’ 

This is a track from Tobin's ‘Splinter Cell' soundtrack. The only computer game where I heard more the music than actually playing the game. In fact, I couldn't play it as the music made the game so hectic, especially for a stealth game. Haha, my nerves weren't strong enough. Anyway, in the process of doing this soundtrack, he seemed to find a radically new way of handling sound. It still sounds fresh to my ears yet very complicated. Pia Bausch used a piece from that album. 


Maribou State - ‘Wallflower’ 

The harmonics in this track fill any room with sunshine yet it’s not a stupid happy hippo track. Something in the mixture of house and jazz speaks directly into my heart. 

Massive Attack - ‘Psyche’ (Heligoland Album version) 

I think anyone should have a track for those moments where you want to cry but cannot. A track that puts the laced up heart back into freedom. A safety valve for feelings that need a way out. You get me? ;) 

Feist - 'The Water’ 

I believe Feist can sing about her breakfast and it sounds great. Here she is singing about one of the four basic elements of mother earth but instead of doing this ostentatious they made it minimal and intimate. I hate how the word sounds as it’s so much more but yes - goosebumps are this track's best friends.