Lost Frequencies Interview

Heading up our Middle Floor this Friday, we caught with Felix to talk about life on the road, what’s next on his release schedule and his festival agenda is shaping up…

Lost Freq   Egg

Establishing himself as one of Belgium’s most promising producers on the rise, Lost Frequencies returns to Egg LDN for another session of euphoric melodies all night. 

Felix De Laet, better known under his ‘Lost Frequencies’ moniker, burst into the European electronic scene in 2014 with his breakthrough track ‘Are You With Me’ and since then, the young artist has a strong global following in the palm of his hand. From hosting his own stage Belgium’s renowned Tomorrowland festival to collaborating with drum&bass stalwart Netsky, De Laet has built a solid sound of bass fuelled, powerful melodies that have proved popular with dance music lovers and industry folk alike. 

Heading up our Middle Floor this Friday, we caught with Felix to talk about life on the road, what’s next on his release schedule and his festival agenda is shaping up… 

Lost Frequencies Interview

Really nice to speak with you ahead of your return to the club this Friday Felix! You’re one of the youngest artists around who’s enjoying huge global success right now with appearances at festivals like Tomorrowland (with your own Lost Frequencies stage) as well as Coachella and Lollapalooza. How do you cope with such an intense schedule? 

I have a great team with me on the road but I also make sure I take time out to relax and unwind, even if it’s in between travelling. Out in Dubai I did some activities recently and at Tomorrowland Winter I made sure I had some fun in the snow – and most importantly, staying in touch with friends and family. Whenever I’m back home I just chill out, play video games, spend time with my pets and hang with loved ones. It’s super important to keep that balance! 

Along that same line how do you deal with the pressure that the industry brings? Do you have your own recipe to kick back and relax? 

I think everyone working in a creative industry feels pressure; that could be pressure that we put on ourselves or pressure of expectation from labels, fans, anything! I try and focus on seeing things as opportunities and using these to grow as an artist. 

With such a busy touring and recording schedule, what do you get up to on your non-music days? 

Play video games, catch up with loved ones, jam in the studio… 

What’s your summer schedule looking like in terms of festivals and are you also taking time out for your own personal holiday? 

We have a lot already coming soon – festival season is already here! I’ll be at Glow in Asia and then Vibez, Nameless, Tinderbox, EXIT Festival, returning to Tomorrowland and a lot lot more! The Summer is always so busy for me but also so fun, I always enjoy seeing my fans all over the world. I am lucky so it feels like whenever I return to a place I love or a new place to play an event, if I get a day off I try and make the most and explore. 

Having travelled all over do you have a favourite place that you like to go to? 

I think Tokyo, I love the Japanese culture, cities and sushi is my favourite! 

Back to the music and what plans have you got upcoming in terms of new releases, remixes or other projects?

I have a new single coming very soon that is going to be one of my main releases this summer, I can’t say much more but you can follow all my social media to stay up to date when we announce anything! Apart from that, I’m really having fun finding new talents and hearing all the brilliant music we’re receiving for my label, Found Frequencies. 

Ahead of your returning this Friday, can you tell us a story about your experience at the club and what you’ve got planned for this show? 

The last time I bought my Lost Frequencies and friends show we had a blast! Crazy tunes, a great line up and the London crowds always are really up for a good time! Egg LDN feels like my clubbing base whenever I come back, I hope you’re ready to party this weekend! 

Join us with Lost Frequencies at Egg London this Friday as we kick of the bank holiday weekender in style! Click here for tickets.