Influences: Stiv Hey

Joining us on 8th December alongside Paul Ritch & Bart Skils, the Italian producer shares five tracks which have heavily influenced his taste...

03 Sep 2018

Pivotal Moments: Fred V & Grafix

The pair headline our Middle Floor on 14th September alongside Seba and Makoto. Ahead of the night, they look back over some of the pivotal moments...

28 Aug 2018

New York State Of Mind: Danny Tenaglia

Ahead of his return to Egg London on Saturday, 22nd September, Skiddle chatted with the iconic selector...

23 Aug 2018

Amsterdam's Finest by Bart Skils

The Dutch producer returns to Familia on September 8th, ahead of the night he shares 5 of his favourite electronic artists from his hometown of Amsterdam who’ve made a solid impact on his music taste...

22 Aug 2018

Staff Picks: Perennial Tracks

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21 Aug 2018

Get to know: Bella Sarris

Returning to our Middle Floor on September 1st alongside Sammy Dee, Azimute and more, we caught up with the Australian artist...

20 Aug 2018

Pivotal Moments: Kinnerman

One of Elrow's top 10 best selling artists, Kinnerman looks back at the moments that have helped to shape the direction his sonic career has taken…

20 Aug 2018

Selected Cuts: Deepneue

ahead of his set at Berlin Berlin, Deepneu selected five of his favourite fast, dirty

17 Aug 2018

Our Autumn/Winter 2018 has just landed!

A solid mix of pioneering selectors and electrifying acts are billed for our upcoming schedule...

15 Aug 2018

Get to know: Guido Schneider

We caught up with the illustrious producer ahead of his return to Berlin Berlin this Saturday, 18 August...

14 Aug 2018

Ibiza Tracks of the Summer: Darius Syrossian

Heading up our Middle Floor for a weighty five-hour set, ahead of the night DO NOT SLEEP resident shares five of his favourite tracks which epitomise his experience in Ibiza this year so far…

13 Aug 2018

Inside Egg: Graphic Design

Get to know more about the process of design and everything that comes with it, we spoke to our in-house graphic designers Rick & Miles...

13 Aug 2018

Get to know: Mat.Joe

Berlin-based duo return to the club on Friday, 31st August to join UK House purveyors Kinnerman and Jess Bays. Ahead of the night, we caught up with them...

09 Aug 2018

Get to know: DeFeKT

We caught up with the Irish producer ahead of his set on 25th August to see what he’s been up to recently and what’s next on his agenda…

07 Aug 2018

Influences: Weiss

Ahead of his return to the club this Friday, 10th August, Weiss shares five contrasting artists with us, who have deeply influenced his sound and direction his sonic career has taken…

07 Aug 2018

Influences: Wehbba

Ahead of his return to the club for Familia on August 11th, Wehbba celebrates the producers who have influenced his sound...

02 Aug 2018

Get to know: Mella Dee

Ahead of his Egg LDN debut in the Basement which is hosted by Ibiza Voice, Mella Dee joins Brawther and Spencer Parker for our annual Eastern Electrics Afterparty on August 4th.

30 Jul 2018

Get to know: Albion Forever

Ahead of his return to the club on Saturday, August 4th for our Eastern Electrics Official Afterparty with Matador, Guti, Mella Dee, Spencer Parker, Brawther and more, we caught up with Albion Forever

30 Jul 2018

Influences: Cyantific

Drum & Bass stalwart returns with his Viper family on Friday, 3rd August, Ahead of the show, Jon Stanley shares a list of artists with us who have shaped the sound and direction of his sonic career...

27 Jul 2018

August Summer Sale

We’re offering a limited amount of £1 tickets to see the likes of Weiss, Darius Syrossian, Gary Beck, Berlin Berlin, Delta Funktionen, Mat.Joe and more...

26 Jul 2018

15 Years of Egg LDN World Tour

We look back over the last six months of the tour with the promoters and bookers who have helped to make each show happen...

25 Jul 2018

Influences: Geddes

Joining us straight from Eastern Electrics at Morden Park to the official EE Afterparty hosted throughout the club on August 4th, the tasteful selector shares 5 tracks with us...

25 Jul 2018

Get to know: Colin Benders

We caught up with the modular synth wizard, Colin Benders ahead of his astonishing live show on Saturday 25th August alongside Delta Funktionen and DeFeKT(live).

23 Jul 2018

Defining Records: Anderson Noise

Brazilian pioneer shares five tracks which resonate with his roots in Belo Horizonte ahead of his set alongside FISHER, Ferreck Dawn and more...

23 Jul 2018

Get to know: Sukubizm

With a string of strong visual work already under her belt for some of the biggest festivals across Europe, Sukubizm will bring her abstract aesthetic to the forefront of WCF...

18 Jul 2018

Selected Cuts: Pariah

Sharing five cuts he’s currently feeling, Pariah has dug into his sonic library ahead of his set on Saturday, 28th July to give us a hint of what to expect...

17 Jul 2018

Influences: OC&Verde

After a rollercoaster 12 months, the duo share their influences with us ahead of their return to the club this Friday, 20th July with Cuartero, Juliet Fox & more for Mr Afterparty’s ‘Eleventh’ takeover.

17 Jul 2018

Get to know: Renaat Vandepapeliere

R&S label founder answers our questions before taking over the club with the likes of Mariel Ito, Evigt Morker, Ada Kaleh and more...

16 Jul 2018

Get to know: Ears Have Eyes

Joining Omar-S, Pariah, FYI Chris and Phonica's residents on July 28th, Ears Have Eyes are taking over our Loft and we caught up with Miles ahead of the show...

16 Jul 2018

Influences: Ada Kaleh

Joining us on 21st July for R&S Showcase alongside Mariel Ito, Evigt Mörker and Renaat Vandepapeliere, Romanian producer shares five tracks with us which have heavily influenced the sonic journey he’s embarked on...

13 Jul 2018

Get to know: Phonica Records

The long running record store and label celebrates its 15th birthday before joining us for a Phonica showcase on 28th July with Omar-S, Pariah and FYI Chris...

12 Jul 2018

Get to know: Kevin de Vries

We caught up with Berlin-based producer ahead of Familia on 11th August with Gary Beck and Wehbba…

11 Jul 2018

Influences: Watermät

Joining us this Friday, 13th July with the renowned South African duo Goldfish, French producer shares his musical influences with us ahead of the show.

10 Jul 2018

Get to know: Wax on Mare St.

We caught up with the guys ahead of their appearance at the Eastern Electrics Afterparty on August 4th...

05 Jul 2018

Get to know: Evigt Mörker

We caught up with Swedish producer ahead of his Egg London debut with R&S Records showcase...

05 Jul 2018

Back To Mine: Ferreck Dawn

Supporting Dirtybird’s latest export, Fisher in our Middle Floor on 27th July, Dutch producer shares 5 tracks that he would play at home after a heavy night out...

03 Jul 2018

Pride Matters

Once upon a time, Pride was about trying to break free and trying to be accepted. Now it’s about celebrating and accepting no matter what age, size, shape, sexuality or colour you are.

02 Jul 2018

Selected Cuts: Oliver Koletzki

Returning to our Middle Floor on 14th July for Familia, the multi-faceted artist shares five tracks with us which reflect the vision of Stil Vor Talent...

27 Jun 2018

Get to know: DJ Holographic

Joining us with the Buttons crew for the first time on July 7th for our Berlin Berlin Pride Special, we caught up with Holographic...

27 Jun 2018

Under The Radar: FYI Chris

London based duo share five artists who are under their radar with us ahead of their Egg LDN debut on 28th July with Omar-S and Pariah heading up our Middle Floor...

27 Jun 2018

Influences: Jobe

Chapter 24 affiliate, Jobe shares a handful of tracks to get us in the mood for what’s in store this Saturday, 30th June…

27 Jun 2018

Selected Cuts: Riva Starr

Snatch! Records label boss shares five selected cuts ahead of his appearance this Friday alongside Pete Tong, PAX and more...

26 Jun 2018

Timeless Tracks: Olderic

Italian producer shares ‘timeless masterpieces’ with us which hold a special place in his heart and record bag…

24 Jun 2018

Selected Cuts: Ilija Djokovic

Ahead of his Egg LDN return with Dutch cohorts Reinier Zonneveld and Joran Van Pol, the dexterous Serbian selector shares five tracks with us ...

22 Jun 2018

Under The Radar: Michael Bibi

Solid Grooves co-founder shares a range of talent who are bringing a certain edge to electronic music...

21 Jun 2018

Selected Cuts: D-Unity

Our favourite Canadian shares five selected cuts he’s rinsing at the moment...

20 Jun 2018

Fat Ronaldos World Cup Pop Up

World Cup screenings on our mammoth LED screen and lots more…

18 Jun 2018

Back To Mine: Reinier Zonneveld

Ahead of his return to our Middle Floor on 23rd June with Ilija Djokovic and Joran Van Pol, Zonneveld shares a playlist to chill out to after a high octane live set…

18 Jun 2018

Get to know: Culoe De Song

Ahead of his Egg LDN debut on 30th June, we caught up with De Song to delve further into his sonic roots which have paved the way to where he’s at today…

18 Jun 2018

Get to know: Artbat

Joining a multifaceted line-up on 30th June, Ukranian duo, Artbat make their Egg London debut...

14 Jun 2018

Selected Cuts: Gabriel Ananda

Ahead of his return to Egg LDN on 30th June, Ananda shares fives selected cuts with us which are likely to make an appearance within the caverns of our Middle Floor…

13 Jun 2018

Selected Cuts: Thugf**ker

Life and Death co-founder shares five selected cuts with us ahead of his appearance on 16th June alongside Warung residents...

12 Jun 2018

Get to know: Buntu & Samantha Blackburn

We caught up SA born, London based talent Samantha Blackburn who is gearing up to host our Loft with Buntu on 30th June...

06 Jun 2018

The Spirit of Warung: Leo Janeiro

Warung resident shares ten tracks with us that have remained the spirit of the renowed beach club since he first stepped through its doors in 2009…

04 Jun 2018

Influences: Santé

Returning to Egg London for a headline slot alongside East End Dubs and Brett Gould on 15th June, Santé shares five of his influences with us...

01 Jun 2018

Under The Radar: Marco Faraone

Faraone shares five burgeoning artists from the motherland...

31 May 2018

Get to know: Gary Beck

Coming up to Familia’s August instalment, we caught up with Beck to see what he’s up to at the moment...

25 May 2018