Get to Know: Nicole Moudaber

A seasoned selector, producer, label boss, activist, businesswoman and more. We caught up with Nicole ahead of our 16th Birthday celebrations on 27th April.

Outspoken, determined, driven and incredibly hard-working, Nicole Moudaber is one of the most prolific names in today’s electronic music industry. Having cut her teeth into the industry over a decade ago by working as a promoter and booker in London before pursuing music production, the multi-talented Lebanese artist returns to head up our 16th birthday celebrations on 27th April. 

Describing Nicole as multi-talented doesn’t quite cover what she’s all about. There are endless strings to Nicole’s bow, with her MOOD imprint supporting releases from Fur Coat, Popof & more before evolving into the well respected roving party series, MoodRaw, in addition to her radio series ‘In The Mood’. Heading to Ibiza later on in May to broadcast her In The Mood show during IMS, Nicole will join us on London soil before following a heavy touring schedule covering the Balearic Isle and beyond throughout the summer. 

A seasoned selector, producer and innovative businesswoman in the game, we had a chat with Nicole about the evolution of London’s electronic music culture, the ethos behind her charity ELEVEN and lots more ahead of her return to the club...

Hi Nicole, thanks for chatting with us ahead of our 16th birthday on 27th April. The last time you played for us was back in 2015 for our 12th birthday, how are you feeling about playing for us 4 years on? 

I'm really looking forward to it. It's always special for me to play in London, and the people who go to Egg really know how to party, there's always great energy. So, let's do this... 

Do you think London’s electronic music scene has evolved a lot over the last decade, for better or for worse? 

Of course, London's scene has changed a lot. A lot of clubs that really meant a lot to me and were a huge part of my education and growth, as well as my influence in the scene, like Turnmills, have now closed. It's really sad, but things change - and we're seeing it in many cities around the world. It is great that Egg, fabric and Ministry are still going strong despite the ongoing struggle and obviously new places are emerging all the time. I don't know if it is for better or for worse - it is just different, and things will continue to evolve, they always do. 

For the young aspiring producers and DJs reading this piece, do you have any advice on how to break through in such a tough industry? 

The main piece of advice I always give is to be yourself, be consistent and don't follow the trends. Do your own thing and stay true to yourself. 

You’re based in here in London at the moment, where do you like to unwind and relax after extensive periods of touring? 

Club duvet! 

Where do you like to go record shopping in the city when you have the chance? 

Phonica / Hard Wax and online. 

Speaking of touring and life on the road, how do you look after your mind, body and soul during such demanding times? 

With great difficulty, I have to say. I try to catch up on sleep when I can and eat well. I like to work out when I get the chance - I have a trainer that busts my ass every time! It releases a lot of tension and I enjoy letting off steam. I've also been working with a spiritual healer recently, who's been guiding me in terms of personal growth, healing, connecting and self love. 

You’ve just announced your InTheMOOD live stream which will close IMS at Dalt Villa, can you tell us a bit more about what you have planned? 

Yes, this is going to be a big one. I'll be broadcasting the show live for 7 hours from the incredible Dalt Vila for the grand finale of IMS - I can't disclose too much info right now, but I'll be broadcasting sets from the event itself and I'll be getting up close and personal with some amazing guests - DJs, music industry heavyweights and local Ibiza characters. 

I'll be bringing all the backstage gossip, so anyone who can't be there in person can experience the vibe from wherever they are in the world. I'm also very excited that I'll be playing IMS Dalt Vila B2B with a young Palestinian artist called SAMA. Her background really resonated with me due to my own upbringing in post-war Lebanon so I'm looking forward to getting to know her both on and off the decks. Such a project takes a huge amount of time to put together yet you still manage to put as much energy and dedication into your charity ELEVEN

How and why did you set up ELEVEN during one of the busiest periods fo your career? 

I’ve become more and more aware of the practice over recent years. I’ve met people who have been personally affected and those who are fighting to end it, and I’ve become extremely passionate about helping to put an end to this barbaric practice. It’s an extreme violation of human rights, essentially child abuse - it’s extremely distressing for those who undergo it and there are horrendous psychological and physical effects that stay with the girls, sometimes for the rest of their lives. I've been trying to get the campaign going for a while, but as per your question it is hard to find the time to really dedicate myself to something when I'm so busy, but things finally fell into place. 

The #ELEVEN campaign aims to raise awareness about the practice and also raise money for Leyla Hussein’s charity, Magool. Leyla is an extremely inspiring human rights activist who has been personally affected by FGM and has done a lot of work to help raise awareness about the practice. 

Her charity Magool supports survivors of FGM and those working to end it. If everyone in my fanbase donates just $1, this would be amazing. That’s all I need, $1. Every little helps... 

Charity Bracelet - 

Donation link - 

What’s next for you over the year?

Where do I start? The touring never really stops... I'm particularly excited about my 15 date US tour coming up very soon, and I'll be closing Movement Festival Detroit this year with the B3B of myself, Dubfire and Paco. That will be quite a moment. I'm planning another big NYC MoodRAW show for the fall too, and I also have a brand new EP coming on MOOD in April - really looking forward to having some new music out there. 

Leave us with a track that remains close to your heart and associated with London’s music scene and the club itself? 

O.T.Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down