Get to know: Miss Jake

Ahead of Berlin Berlin Pride Special on Saturday, 6th July, we caught up with one of the creatures of the night...

A firm fixture of our Berlin Berlin nights, the stunning paper-mache visual artist and designer, Miss Jake can be often spotted hostessing or go-go dancing at London’s hot spots. Ahead of Berlin Berlin Pride Edition on Saturday, 6th July, we caught up with one of the creatures of the night...  

What does Pride mean to you? 

Pride means showing everybody outside the queer community that we are not going anywhere and we are continuing the good fight towards equality. 

As part of the LGBT art scene and community in London, do you think you’ve ever faced setbacks in your industry because of who you are? 

I have never really faced any specific setbacks in the way of who I am. 

What advice would you give to anyone/LGBT people trying to break out into the performance/hosting industry? 

I would advise them to first be patient and to work hard on their looks and performances and secondly to be constantly present in the scene and to meet and talk to everyone! 

Joining Berlin Berlin for the first time and what kind of things can we expect from your show on the night and what you’re channelling? 

I'll be Go-Go dancing so you can expect gift energy, angular and stylised dancing, and a killer look...

Known for your incredible paper-mache masks and outfits, where do you get your inspirations from? And is it just you that works on your own outfits or do you work with specific designers? 

I like to take inspiration from nature as well as fantasy/sci-fi films and video games. But I am also always looking at fashion designers and other drag artists to push my looks forward. It is just me that works on my outfits so far. 

Where and when did you start performing and why does dressing provocatively and performing hold such allure for you and for an audience? 

My main gigs initially were at Dollar Baby which was hosting and working the floor. I love dressing up and creating a fantasy because it allows me to exist as something new and unstoppable. And the reaction I get from others is incredible. 

Which performers and artists did you look up to when you were growing up? 

Growing up I was obsessed with painters and I knew so little about fashion or performers. But my main influence was a local drag queen in Malta called Lakesiss. 

How would you describe what you do and is there such a thing as a regular day at the office for you in terms of what you do? 

I guess my regular days in the office would mostly consist of working on outfits and planning new looks and performances. But there's hardly a routine. 

Sum up what makes a good party performer/host? 

Awesome look, great energy, approachable...