Anna Tur - Interview

I can't wait to get to London, where I feel I have a home that always welcomes me with great affection, Egg LDN.

Ahead of Anna Tur return to Egg London on Saturday 18th September, we sat down with Anna to catch up over things. Its been a crazy 18 months, but in that time Anna  has been working on new projects, new releases like her remix of Carl Cox’s “Sand Moon & Stars” and her EP release with Goncalo, Spartaque on Lowlita Records.

We look forward to welcoming Anna Tur back onto the Middle Floor


Anna Tur Interview


Hi Anna, hope you’re well? How has your last few months been, kicking off the tours again? 


Hiii, thanks for having me!

Yes, I am really happy to return step by step to the life I had before. These last few months there has been quite a lot of movement and I just hope that this positive dynamic continues and that we can get back to club life across the globe as soon as possible.

I didn’t want this to be a discussion on what you did through out the lock down period. But through out that you’ve kept busy with keeping your music flowing on social media, i just wanted to know what you’ve got up coming? 


Yes. This whole period when the world stopped, for me it was like a chance for a new beginning. To reorganise my life and find the exact point where I feel happy. I have left behind very important things but I think it has been the perfect step to move on to new projects and with all the energy. I'm in a good moment and I pray that it stays that way.

Anna 1


You’re returning to Egg London in September, last time you took on the Middle Floor you took us all on a journey. When you take on a set, what is your plan? Or do you just go with the flow? 


Yes, I remember very well that last session on the middle floor and I can assure you that it brings back incredible memories. The crowd and people at Egg London, it's incredible.

Honestly, I don't like to prepare a selection for every set. My secret and/or way of working is to know my music very, very well. I spend many hours selecting it and then, by simply observing your audience, their gestures, their movements, you know how to lead them on the perfect musical journey. That's what I like; to make those who come to listen to me and dance feel something special.

Anna 2


This question is off topic from music now, away from that what do you get up to?


I enjoy as much time as I can with my family, friends and my dear dog Lola. I love nature and spend free time in a small farm I have in Ibiza, which was my father's hobby and we have kept it in his memory. Can you imagine me with 20 goats behind me like a home kitten? well, that's what they do with me. I think they are very fond of me, we look after them very well and my mother makes incredible fresh cheese, haha!


To finish this off, what can we look forward to from Anna Tur? 


can't wait to get to London, where I feel I have a home that always welcomes me with great affection, Egg LDN.


Come prepared to dance and enjoy yourselves. I need to feel that audience at last, in front of me and enjoying.


From Spain we come from being in the clubs sitting at tables and forbidden to dance, for many months now. The same months since they let the clubs reopen. We should take you as an example of know-how and not look to the side. So, I wait for you DANCING!!! At last!!!

Anna 3