"Get To Know Space 92"

He has been pushing the boundaries in the industry with releases on Form, Filth on Acid, Reload Records, Autektone Records + many more.

null30th April sees Space 92 take command of The Middle Floor as he sets to release his unique staple sonic energy & sound!

He has been pushing the boundaries in the industry with releases on Form, Filth on Acid, Reload Records, Autektone Records + many more. We caught up with Mathieu to discuss his relentless energy and progression through out the last 2 years, producing, gigs around the world and also inside his personal life. 

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"Get To Know Space 92"

Egg London - Hi Mathieu, how has your Easter been?

Hi there! My Easter was great, even though it was quite intense to be honest. I came back from Mexico last Saturday and headed straight to Northwestern France to perform at a big festival. Then I played in Germany on Sunday!

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Egg London - I would like to kick off this “Get To Know” feature discussing “The Dream” you thought you were in when you received that message from Umek?

Umek is an artist I have admired for a long time, so being able to work with him, in addition to Popof - who I’ve been looking up to since I was a kid -, is a privilege and honour. I really am blessed to be part of such an original and outstanding project because it’s not everyday that we see three producers collaborating on a track.

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Egg London - Since then you just haven’t looked back, with your relentless releases & touring - how have you handled this?

It's not always easy because the pace is very fast but I always look ahead to new projects and I always do my best to stay grounded.

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Egg London - Moving forward to 2022 - your calendar is stacked & you're constantly on the move, any locations or events you’re playing at that you’re looking forward to and could cite for us?

Indeed, my schedule is so busy at the moment. There are some weeks where I have to perform 4 times in a row. This being said, I'm very happy with that. My goal was always, since the beginning, to be as close as possible to the crowd. In terms of events, there’s a lot of festivals I’m due to perform at, but there is one club in particular that I'm really looking forward to play at and that is the Ministry of Fun in Slovakia. The decoration and the lights are incredible, I have rarely seen a club like that.

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Egg London - This will be your debut appearance at Egg London on Saturday 30th April, have you heard from other artists about what to expect?

Yes indeed! My colleagues Rafael Cerato, who is such a sweet guy, and T78, both told me that Egg London was an outstanding venue, renowned for its atmosphere and its very energetic crowd. I'm really looking forward to my debut there!

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Egg London - With every interview, we like to ask our artists what their go-to meal is before a gig or even heading out with friends?

I love to go to a good Japanese restaurant and have some sushi before a gig, for extra strength. This helps me give my best, performance-wise.

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Egg London - Finally, what highlights can we expect from you on Saturday 30th April?

I’m intending on playing some of my most famous tracks, and also some new exclusives and new collaborations. I’ve got a couple of surprises under my sleeve ; )

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