Undercatt - City Finest - Tuscany, Italy

f you tried this olive oil I'm pretty sure you would be addicted to it and notice the difference from the olive oil you buy at the supermarket.

The City Finest feature we run here at Egg London, is possibly one of our favourites! We welcome so many artists from all over the world and they all have stories from their hometowns that makes you want to explore the world. 

For our newest City Finest feature, we caught up with Undercatt as he tells us some of his favourite spots, food & Culture of Tuscany, Italy. 

You'll be able to catch Undercatt at Egg London on Saturday 30th October, as he joins Magdalena on the Middle Floor for our "Hollywood Forever" Showcase.


Undercatt - City Finest - Tuscany, Italy. 


The region where I live is very popular for red wine. The whole of Italy has amazing wine but Tuscany is on another level. I've been drinking wine for years, but it still manages to amaze me. You don't just drink wine, but you taste the fruit of my land.

Italian Wine

Olive Oil:

Not everybody knows that I live in a very small town called Uliveto, which in Italian means: Land cultivated with olive trees. If you tried this olive oil I'm pretty sure you would be addicted to it and notice the difference from the olive oil you buy at the supermarket. I love to eat toasted bread with just olive oil and salt on it, It's so tasty.

Uliveto   Olive Oil


In the ’90s the nightlife was something crazy, there were clubs everywhere and progressive music dominated every dancefloor, this inspired me a lot.

You can hear in my production that I'm trying to reproduce the magic of the period. Now a lot of things have changed and the nightlife where I live is not as strong as it was in the past. I'm very sorry for the new and young Italian DJs and producers because there are not so many opportunities at the moment. 

I like to live, it's the perfect balance between my crazy job and the quiet life.

Tuscany   nightlife

Historical monuments:

Tuscany is probably one of the best and richest regions of Italy on this.

If I started to tell you all the beautiful things there are in Tuscany, I would most likely finish writing tomorrow but I can tell you that every time I find myself in front of the Duomo of Florence and the tower of Pisa it's as if it were the first time. They are two magical places so beautiful and detailed that every time I go there I rediscover others. I will never get used to such beauty.

Duomo of Florence


Rightly people who come to visit Tuscany go to see the most characteristic and famous places in the world. I want to remind everyone that Tuscany is full of beautiful things to see. it's a complete region, nothing is missing here. We have beautiful mountains and beaches and the even more surprising thing is that every small town has subcultures inside that makes you feel in another world but you are just around the corner.