Under The Radar: Fabio Ferro

Long-running Familia resident shares five artists who have slipped under his radar recently ahead of Familia's January instalment...

An established artist in his own right, Fabio Ferro has been a resident for Familia over the last number of years and remains a firm fixture on the long-running imprint. Keen to shine a light on the emerging talent he’s had the pleasure to discover recently, the Italian producer shares five artists who have slipped under his radar ahead of Familia's January instalment this Saturday with Layton Giordani, Mirror States and more...

Fer BR 

He creates great grooves and his massive bass lines are the key elements. His tracks always have a place in my sets. 

Stefano Kosa 

Every track he’s made is unique and his style is full of power. When I play his productions I’m sure to set the dance floor on fire. 


He always delivers great vibes in his tracks. Bangers to play again and again. 

Konrad (Italy) 

His tracks are pure energy! Absolutely perfect for peak time. 

Andres Campo 

Techno with the groove is the perfect combination and Andres knows how to do it.