Uakoz Select Cuts

Ahead of his return to the Middle Floor this Saturday for 20 years of Terminal M with Monika Kruse, Uakoz digs deep to give us a selection of tracks to get us warmed up for the weekend.

Bought up on his dad’s rock n’roll vinyl collection but then inspired by electronic music. Italian techno Producer & DJ Uakoz joins Monika Kruse and Mark Reeve for the milestone 20 Years Of Terminal M event on Saturday March 7th.

Armed with his first drum machine aged 17 and added to with his staple Korg Electribe MX, he’s gone on to release tunes like the underground classic ‘Manipulate’ a collab with Stephen Disario that Chris Liebing’s spins to this day as well as solid releases on Terminal M, Elevate, Respekt and Riot Recordings. 

Check out his fine selection of tracks here.


Uakoz Select Cuts

1 - The Knife - Silent Shout

Mysterious, deep, emotional, groovy, energetic with these strange sung speeches that let you stay there and thinking about what it exactly talks about. still wondering thought! Absolutely one of my favourite track of all the time.


2 - Adam Beyer - Swedish Silver

I think i start to love Techno music and feel the needs to play music with this track. I was 16 and totally overwhelmed with Techno Minimal wave at that time, and it just literally blow me away. You know, that first love - never get it over!

3 - Pig&Dan – Terminate

I first musically met this magic duo, as well as my mentors, with this gem released on Cocoon Rec in 2008.

When i was full immersed in my make my own music, this was one of my first reference track. 

Always wanted to get that rolling extra groovy and crispy sounds with complexed and melodic synths.



4 - Angy Kore - Dirty Trip

When i was playing in opened dancefloor and crowd already well warm and i knew i had to go hard.

This one was one of my secret weapon. I played it many times in many local raves in my youth and never let me down!

Just an atomic old tune from master italian techno producer and old friend Angy Kore Techno Never Dies. 

(Italo Business)


5 - Burial - Street Halo

Think i start to love Burial and his sounds when i first arrived in London in 2013, Always loved breakbeat, jungle and drum&bass but this was certainly different than what i've heard before.

I was always around with my headphone in this big city where ever i was going (still doing it) and trapped in his beats!

Slow, cracking, melodic, with those romantic vocals but without schematic rules, just too much skills here.


6 - Monika Kruse & Voodooamt - Highway Number 4

A timeless, spacey, bombing, trippy melodic old legendary gem from Queen Monika I heard this long time ago and still wake up in the morning and pumping at loud volume to give me the right kick to start the day.

Good music stay forever in the mind, heart and soul!


7 - Uakoz – Handtrace

This is the main track of my 1st EP and vinyl on Pig&Dan imprint: ELEVATE.

They just loved so much the track and played literally everywhere around the world. I made my transition and embrace the melodic side of the Techno with this, but always keeping the thumping, driving and warm bassline! 

It gave me a load of emotions and energy when i was making it and every time i play/played and most probably to all who have to listened to it.


8 - Kas:st - Hold Me To The Lights

Just in love with this huge, romantic, eclectic and sweet track that is just a story told by classic, modern and electrics spacey sounds. Just pure poetry, definitely my favorite at the moment.


9 - Uakoz & Alex Lentini - Don't Leave

When i first met Monika at Egg Club was for a Terminal M showcase with Mark Reeve, Pig&Dan, Joel Mull, Karotte and obliviously her. 

I signed at that time Handtrace on Elevate and she told me that she was in love for that track and want some music from me too.

I was so happy about it that i immediately start to work to EP for her join force with my ex classmate: Alex Lentini.

This is the main track of my EP on legendary ''Terminal M'' released in 2016.


10 - Snak The Ripper – Forgotten

Hip Hop has been always surround me, in fact, my name is my graffiti tag that i keep since i was 14 years old or something like that, and i grow up listening to a lot of Italian and english Rap. 

I first hear this track from underground Canadian rapper: Snak The Ripeer, from my best friend in town and i it was in the period i left my city (Palermo) to dedicate all myself to music and new fresh opportunities, that my city couldn't never give to me, so i moved in Milan and this song was just always my headphone while exploring that new world, so different from mine. 

Just the Rap soundtrack of my life that helped my in many bad moments to rise up!