Simon Shaw Select Cuts

Ahead of his return to Egg LDN tonight Simon has selected five tracks that have inspired him over the years!

Being in the music industry for over a decade, Simon has built up his career on hard work and pushing the boundaries.

Starting his brand Sense Off in Southend back in 2011, booking the likes of Josh Butler, Sidney Charles, D'Julz and many more, he then launched his record label Sense Traxx. Ahead of his set tonight Friday February 28th at Egg London alongside Ilario Alicante, Margherita D’agui, and Kyle E, Simon Shaw shares a quality warm up selection of tune age.

Simon Shaw

Simon Shaw Select Cuts

‘Essay To A (Love, Your Friend Deconstruction)’ - Frangie

When the doors just open, no one wants to be walking into a room which feel to provocative therefore to start keeping the mood light and calm, easing you into the night. This track i feel does this, with a lower energy and tight groove and deep elements filling the room.


‘Intro’ Ian Pooley Remix - Shazz

stepping up to this, a little more groovy, still keeping the deep sounds, injecting infectious funk vibes to the dance floor, Ian Pooley does know wrong and a certified heater.


‘Pest Control’ - Adam Pits

Stepping things up we have this wonder dub 2 step roller, deep, and vibes a perfect transition track to raising the energy in the room and irascible to not want to bop your head to.


‘Dreamy Dreamer’ - Simon Shaw

Digging into my own achieve, select this one form yours truly, deep, but still driving, this one features trippy pads and spaced out vibes.


‘Any Which Way’ Martin Buttrich Red Mix - Stacey Pullen

First time i heard this was in Ibiza, a record that really resonated with me on the dancefloor. It’s endless progression and ability to keep you in suspense, a groove chugging away another and can be played slow or pitched up and just works as a perfect record to bring everyone together on the dancefloor and could be dropped early or even later in the night to level the energy in the room if you have been dancing relentlessly for a few hours… just a brilliant record!