Pivotal Moments: Kinnerman

One of Elrow's top 10 best selling artists, Kinnerman looks back at the moments that have helped to shape the direction his sonic career has taken…

In just under 18 months, Kinnerman has been listed in the top 10 Best Selling Elrow artists and has been ranked no.94 as one of the Best Selling Tech House artists in the world. The Liverpool based producer has gained support from the likes of Marco Carola and The Martinez Brothers since his breakthrough release ‘Hip House’ on Elrow Music last year. Since then, he’s gone on to release on Josh Butler’s imprint Origins Rcrds and other well-known labels like Mr Nice Guy and ViVa Music. 

 2018 has been a busy year for Kinnerman having just dropped his latest funk-heavy track ‘Bass Snatcher’ on Kaluki Music and is due to release another crowd-pleaser ‘Promised Land’ on the same imprint on September 18th. As for gigs, Kinnerman has just been announced to play at BPM Portugal next month but before all that, the energetic selector joins us for Mr. Afterparty’s ‘Eleventh’ series at the club on 31st August with Mat.Joe, Jess Bays and Knowhat completing the bill. 

 Ahead of the night, Kinnerman looks back at the pivotal moments that have helped to shape the direction his sonic career has taken… 

1| Quitting my job

 I was on a really good salary at 21 but I hated the job. I knew what I always wanted to do and that was be a DJ/Producer, so I saved a bit of money, quit my job (thanks to law of attraction, ‘The Secret’) and took a gamble to go skint and try again with every single bit of effort to make it work. Once I quit my job, I met my now best friend, more like a brother to me ‘Stephen Warner’. We setup ‘Kuruba Studios’ together and now it’s my base, it helped me so much. I can firmly say without these steps, I would not be doing as good as I am today. 


I was in Ibiza with friends 2 years ago around a table and my friends were thinking I should change my name to Jay Kinnerman as I was always under as my full name James Kininmonth. Kinnerman stuck and when I came back from Ibiza, I spent 6 months straight in the studio, literally stinking sweating and hardly sleeping but making tunes constantly. 

3| Signing music to Elrow record label

This really got me on the map, my first single as Kinnerman called ‘Hip House’ reached Number 11 on Beatport’s Tech House Top 100 and had multiple plays on BBC Radio 1. 

4| Management & Agency

Dave and Ellis have played an awesome role in my career helping me get on some major gigs and dealing with some stuff which to be totally honest can be a total pain in the ass to deal with, they get on with it and have my best interests always. Can’t thank them both enough. 

5| Richy Ahmed  

One of the first DJs to be playing my music, constantly hammering one of the first tracks that I have done with ‘David Glass’ called Backbeat. I had lots of videos which got me some major hype and definitely helped get me noticed. Thanks Richy!

Check out Kinnerman's Egg London Podcast which gives us a taste of his signature sound for what's to come... Get tickets to Fridays at EGG: Mr Afterparty Pres Eleventh with Mat.Joe, Kinnerman, Jess Bays: HERE