Happy International Women's Day

Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change

Happy International Women’s Day. It goes without saying that we fully support global gender equality.

Today we also celebrate some of the talented and innovative women we have worked with, and dance music’s most influential female pioneers as well as up-and-coming names who are changing the face of dance music. 

Nina Kraviz, Lady Starlight, Monika Kruse, Anja Schneider, Bella Sarris and Kim Ann Foxman are just some of the female electronic artists who have rocked the club, while the mighty Nicole Moudaber, ANNA and Ms Dynamite are amongst those playing in the next few months. 

They’re all proof that while electronic music is still largely dominated by men and is an industry that has faced plenty of recent accusations of sexism, there are more and more women proving their skills and empowering their peers behind the decks or in the studio. 

As it is our tradition we are offering FREE ENTRY before midnight to all the dedicated women in London’s dance music community for some of our upcoming events…

08.03 |Fridays at EGG: French Festival Takeover #1: Zimmer, Mooglie, Takuma  

15.03 | Egg London Fridays at EGG: Spectrasoul, Fred V, Etherwood, Submorphics

16.03 | Familia: Bart Skils, Gary Beck (Album Tour Date) 

23.03 | Leave No Trace: YokoO, Chaim (Live), Yotam Avni, Kyle E, Luther Vine, Pachamama