Get to know: DeFeKT

We caught up with the Irish producer ahead of his set on 25th August to see what he’s been up to recently and what’s next on his agenda…

A relentless advocate for bouncy electro and modular-driven techno, DeFeKT aka Matt Flanagan has emerged as one of the most noteworthy names to come from Ireland’s electronic scene. Taking his modular synth set up to the likes of Tresor, Rotterdam Rave, Nuits Fauves and District 8 amongst others, DeFeKT joins us August 25th for the first time. 

With a profile that’s grown rapidly over the last few years due to a long list of shows dotted around the globe, DeFeKT has shared his billings with the likes of Helena Hauff, Dave Clarke, DJ Stingray and a heap of renowned artists who fit such a calibre, and has continued his upward trajectory since the release of ‘On a Roll’ - a collaborative EP with Sunil Sharpe under their live monikers as ‘Tinfoil’. 

There’s something special about witnessing a live set but watching DeFeKT in action behind a mass of wires and analogue drum machines is another experience entirely. The dynamic process in which he constructs a live show is utterly captivating as the Irishman weaves together a blend of tantalising rhythms with trippy, off-kilter melodies. 

DeFeKT will be joining another modular wizard, Colin Benders, alongside Tresor resident Delta Funktionen, each of whom will be making their Egg London debut - the first of what we hope will be many more shows to come at the club. 

We caught up with Matt ahead of the night to see what he’s been up to recently and what’s next on his agenda… 

You played in Dublin for the Circles event in District 8 recently, how was that? It’s great to see lots of Irish up-and-coming artists share the bill with the likes of Helena Hauff, Anetha and Dave Clarke amongst others, who stood out for you from the event?   

Ya, the gig was great and yes great line up. I liked a few sets so I don't know who I would pick, to be honest, I think everybody played quite well. 

Are there any particular Irish artists who have caught your attention recently who haven’t yet come under the radar of the electronic scenes in London and Berlin? 

I don’t like to name just one person as the scene in Dublin is small but growing very quickly.

Yourself and Sunil Sharpe released the ‘On a Roll’ album earlier this year under your live monikers "Tinfoil’. What’s the dynamic between the two of you in the studio and out playing live? 

Well, we both come from different vibes, me from electro and him more from techno so the combination of both styles create our sound. What we do on the road is basically the same in the studio. 

You’re based in Dublin at the moment, where are the best places, in your opinion, to go record shopping? 

For record shopping in Dublin, All City Records store is probably the one I frequent most. It’s a great shop for music and having a chat. You can always have great conversations about music with record shop owners. 

It will be your first time playing in Egg on August 25th, any idea what to expect? Is this also the first time you will be sharing the bill with DeltaFunktionen and Colin Benders? 

Yeah looking forward to getting back to London. Delta Funktionen's music is great, been a fan for a while and Colin Benders is great with modular so interested to see that for sure. You can expect Techno, Electro and modular action from me. 

What’s the worst experience you’ve had at airport security when you’re taking your set up on the road between gigs? 

Well, it’s always the same. They stop me then ‘what is that?’ Scan it, they see all is ok and proceed to ask me questions about it, all staff come over looking wondering what it is, what does it do. I say "music" and they go "ahhhh ok I see" and they let me on my way. 

What’s next for you over the next couple of months? 

I have a remix coming up on Feel My Bicep, a collaboration with Jensen Interceptor, a collaboration with Danny Daze and we're also working on something at the moment for Tinfoil - hopefully out before the end of the year. Few other things I don't want to mention yet as well!


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