Egg LDN Resident DJs Tracks of The Year

We've asked our residents Kyle E & Luther Vine to kick in their producer thoughts and pick some of their best tracks that have been released through out 2019. Check these out, they'll get you ready for the weekend!

Egg LDN Resident DJs Tracks of The Year

Kyle E Tracks of The Year (all tracks are from UK artists)

’In Person’ Matthew Herbert Remix - Low Island

Nothing less to be expected from Matthew


‘Le Tigre’ - Overmono 

 Aphex vibes

"Lahaina Noon’ - Four Tet 



'I, Cavello’ - Leon Vynehall

Great follow up to Leon’s album

‘Rek’ – Karenn 

 Forward thinking techno


Luther Vine 5 Tracks of 2019

‘Life Science’s Division’ - Vetoed (Salt Mines) 

This is a tune that I’ve been hammering on Egg’s KV2 soundsystem for a while! A personal favourite! Trancey Techno with a proggy house feel. Its hard-hitting with an infectious groove.

‘Klon Dump’ - Do The Dump (A Colourful Storm)

Heads-down pacey dark schizophrenic, heavy weight minimal tech house for the after-hours. Released on Australian, Melbourne label - A Colourful Storm.


‘Tunnels’ - Jörg Kunning (Bakk Heia Records) 

Micro house at its finest! Superb modular sound design. By far the best proper minimal house release I’ve heard this year. Hats off to Jorg Kunning for release!


Lost Potion - Voodoos And Taboos (Voodoos And Taboos)

Swinging garage-tinged intergalactic tech house. Enough to make anyone groove on the dance floor! Produced by an incognito artist(s) under the name of Voodoos And Taboos, which is also the name of their label this was released on.


‘Look Like’ - Giro Di Notte (Clone Royal Oak)

This euphoric 90’s flavoured classy house jam is something that has very often been in my record bag during closing sets (more house focused). Lush and emotional (in a tasteful way), yet still driving. Another favourite of mine. Released on Clone Royal Oak, from the artist ‘Look Like’.