DeFeKT interview

Next lots of music and jamming. Pushing my live set always in the studio. I also want to do an album at some stage and not just banging.

A tireless advocate for live techno and crusty electro in his own right, DeFeKT joins acid duo 999999999and MOTZ founder Jasmine Azarian for a live set, supplied by a a hefty set up of analogue drum machines and modular synths. Well known for collaborating with Sunil Sharpe as a live duo under their moniker of Tinfoil, DeFeKT is considered one of Irelands most outstanding live producers and is set put our KV2 system through its paces on 20th April. 


Ahead of the night, we had a chat with Matt aka DeFeKT to see what he’s been up to recently and how the Irish electronic scene has changed since we last spoke to him…



Hi Matt, thanks for chatting to us ahead of your return to Egg. Hows the year been since you last played for us back in August?


Jamming a lot :)


You collaborated with Danny Daze recently for yourself and Danny’s ‘Pulmotor’ EP [Omnidisc]. Whats the dynamic between you both in the studio? 


We come from similar worlds as such, big Rother fans and also Miami bass fans so we just clicked as we like similar beats and vibes.


After the set you played for us last year, you mentioned you were going down a melodic route, edging away from a more driving sound youve produced in the past. Would you say your sound has changed over the last few months?


I suppose I mean my focus in studio is not always just kick drums. I’m interested in melodic feelings that can be tone wise, also I do a lot of jams in studio that are just for my head and some escape on various records I put out. Nothing on that front has really changed. Im fucking around with orchestral stuff in studio at the moment. I like to make sound tracks to various movie scenes.


Dublin has lost two prominent venues for electronic music in the last six months, Hanger and District 8. In your opinion, where in the city is the current spot for nurturing up-and-coming talent and showcasing established names from the UK, Germany and beyond? 


Ya two big clubs closed in Dublin recently so we’re in a state of confusion as such. At the moment there is a club called Index still standing that does local and international bookings. 


What are your own thoughts on Dublins electronic music scene at the moment?


Alot of records coming out, way more than years back so in that way, it’s a lot better for upcoming heads. Loads of vinyl releases which is great to see.


Do you find a difference in the energy of a London based crowd compared to a Dublin crowd? Difference in energy.


I don't really know or I don’t like to answer this kinda thing as the energy shapes and moves a lot depending on the gig.



Whats next for you on the horizon?


Next lots of music and jamming. Pushing my live set always in the studio. I also want to do an album at some stage and not just banging.