Paul Ritch Interview & mix

We talk new projects in the run up to the Parisian's special extended set

Parisian techno wizard Paul Ritch brings his powerful techno sound to Egg London on Saturday August 19th with an extended set and  a well overdue call back to the UK capital. 

Having already forged a solid reputation by releasing tracks and remixes as Pacemaker and June on Get Physical records, as well as on labels such as Drumcode, Sci + Tech, Cocoon Recordings and Soma, plus his own Quartz Records, he's DJed at some of the most influential clubs and events globally including Amnesia, Space, Pacha in Ibiza, Berghain and Watergate in Berlin, Rex Club (Paris), Melkweg (Amsterdam) and Womb (Japan). 

At the forefront of the techno underground scene, Ritch's huge knowledge of the music and his energetic creativity sets him apart. Ahead of his appearance we chatted about his new KCZMRK label, new Kaczmarek alias and forthcoming release, while Paul recorded us the exclusive mix below.

Where are you right now and what are you doing?

I am at home and I just finished recording a set for you guys!

You're launching a label called KCZMRK. How will this differ from Quartz?

Quartz as you know, is oriented towards clubs and  big rooms. KCZMRK will be more open to many different style, from really dreamy tracks to drone, electro or  some organic techno. The first release will be an album I produced at the beginning of the year, then it will be followed by some remixes and some more Kaczmarek tracks. 

Tell us about your new alias Kaczmarek. Where does the name come from and how will this be different to your output at Paul Ritch?

Kaczmarek is the Polish last name of my mother. With Kaczmarek I will mainly produce albums, the first one being on KCZMRK as I mentioned before. I decided to take another name to be more free about my production and to make all the music that you wouldn't expect from Paul Ritch's usual releases. 

What the current club scene like in France? Is it anywhere near the diversity and strength of the period when you were going out? 

The club scene in France is amazing, as is the non club scene, by which I mean warehouse parties, festivals and even illegal parties. There are so many collectives who are making the scene grow. I am not often there to see everything but from what I've heard things are doing pretty good. 

It's been a decade since you rose to fame. What do miss about what the world of electronic music was like in 2007 and what do like most about where you are ten years on?

I feel that we have much more today in electronic music, doors are more open than before in general. I don't miss anything really, maybe just the time it took me to recover after a long weekend when I was 24, haha! 

Name three tracks that sum up what you're likely to play at Egg.

Tell us something about yourself that fans won't already know.

A new Paul Ritch release will be out around September.