Jay Lumen Interview

Sabajaq's Saturday night headliner chats to us

Hungary's Jay Lumen has proved a firm Sabajaq favourite and returns this Saturday 26th August having followed up the double-headed 'Rebirth'/'Panorama' on his own Footwork label with another pair of huge main room monsters, 'The Ground' and 'Plays', for Green Velvet's Relief label. 

Joining Layton Giordani, Vinicius Honorio, Nathan Barato, Maze & Masters, Warboy, Zaki, Kyle E and more, Fidel Trotman spoke to Lumen ahead of his appearance to find out more about his career. 

Tickets and full info here.

In your early years who influenced your musical career and how did you get into DJing? Who also inspired you to start producing ?

It began when I was child. I first studied music  for eight years in a special music school, so I was sure that I would do something in the music scene. I was singing in the chorus and also learning to play violin so my whole life was around music, but it was also my hobby just like now. That's why I was listening to all kind of music everyday. I was an 'everything eater' and it's the same today as a music fan.

But I loved the first dusty old school techno and house sounds from '80s. It was the real explosion for electronic music I think with lots of experimental sounds. I tried to find as many sounds like that as possible. After a point I was sure this will be the sound for me as well and then I realised that I wanted to be a DJ. So today I've realised my childhood dreams.

You are classically trained. Can you please tell us a bit about this and how you use it in your productions?

Hmmm, a good basis is always needed to create creative productions… that's what I believe. This basis is the eight years of music school for me. Honestly, I don't know how I use this knowledge exactly but I feel that it helps me to stay creative day by day.

Tell us about your set up when DJing? 

I simply use my USBs and CD players nowadays. As I spend a lot of time in my studio I'm so happy to just be DJ only in the booth. I don't want to look at a computer monitor there as well, if you know what I mean. DJing is real real fun to me and it's the art of moment I believe, so I try to keep it on this level.

What have been the greatest challenges in your career? 

The greatest challenge is to find the balance between your career and private life. When you travel 52 weeks a year it's not very easy. My DJ life is my dream so I don't feel it a challenge.

The electronic music scene has changed a lot in the last few years. How has this affected your career?

It's true and I think I've changed as well. Change means life. It doesn't matter what we are talking about actually. If you are not open for change you don't live a real life. It's the same for me when we’re talking about my style. I always create and play the sounds that I feel reflect my own taste.

Collaborations are always important. What have been your highlights in this area and why did these work so well?

Yep, I love them. I've had a nice collaboration with Green Velvet, for example. It was a pleasure to work with a living legend. I’ve also had some nice collabs with Sasha Carassi, Gary Beck and Roberto Capuano. It's a nice journey when you build up something new from two different ideas and you don't know exactly how the final form and sound will turn out.

Your ‘Strange Fruit’ track on Drumcode with Gary Beck is a favourite here. Are there more tracks in the pipeline forthcoming on DC? 

I love to be on Drumcode and luckily I've had a few tunes there, just like last time on 'A-Sides Volume 5'.  Mostly I’m keeping my focus on my own Footwork label. It's my new baby and a nice challenge to me.

How is the rest of the year looking for you? 

Very busy, as always, touring and more touring all around the world. I'll be playing in South and North America again and also all around Europe as well. I'll be back at Heart Miami and Exchange LA again. I'll be at ADE in October, of course, and back to FABRIK Madrid and many parties. So I don't have time to rest, but I love my life!

As a born and bred Hungarian what do you feel about the current scene ?

The scene is really good with so many great events and festivals happening there. I'm happy to be there and see how it's going.

What’s your favourite city to play in and why? 

A very difficult question. I can’t choose just one. I love Buenos Aires, London, Madrid, Berlin, Helsinki, Barcelona, many, many cities. They have different moods and different people but we are all connected by music.

You're returning to Egg LDN on Saturday August 26th to headline Sabajaq. How does Egg compare to other clubs you’ve played at? 

Well, Egg London is my second home. I'm always so happy to play there and it's just like a huge family to me. I love the sound and concept of club and the open minded crowd there. I'm really looking forward to playing and partying together with the Egg LDN party people again.

Lastly, what four banging tunes never leave your record box?

Plastikman - ‘Spastik’ 

Randomer - ‘Bring’ 

Joey Beltram - ‘Energy Flash’ 

Emmanuel Top - ‘Turkish Bazar’