Get to know: Mark Jenkyns

Garnering a reputation as an unrivalled producer and knowledgeable selector of rumbling house and techno cuts, Mark Jenkyns sonic career has soared to dizzying heights ever since a hedonistic trip to Ibiza back in 2006.

Unsurprisingly, Jenkyn’s sound has incorporated elements from the White Isle with a blend pumping, vocal-laden house tracks like Sirens ft. Mizbee on the Hot Creations subsidiary Hottrax, as well as the rolling ‘Class Lovers’ on Steve Lawler’s imprint, VIVa Limited. The South Sheilds native has come a long way from enjoying sun-drenched raves on his favourite island, as studio time and a heavy touring schedule spanning Perth to Playa Del Carmen immensely boosted his profile in recent years.

Returning to the club alongside Shaf Haus and ROOG for a resounding session of energetic, electronic melodies for Fridays at Egg, we caught up with the man himself to find out his studio approach and what a typical night with Solardo entails… 

A trip to Ibiza over a decade ago heavily influenced your decision to pursue production and DJing. Do you think the island has changed drastically since then regarding sound, landscape and perhaps a change in the people who frequent the White Isle every summer? 

The sound has definitely changed! It used to be quite tribally way back, then it went back on the minimal side; now you have a mixed bag of house, tech-house and techno, and those lot that make that noisy shit. The look of the island has certainly evolved too, for one there’s a massive motorway that caused a lot of problems before and during its construction, but I think it was definitely needed. As for the people, I think the clientele in the clubs is slightly different, but then again people, in general, are just different. Ibiza was always going to change and evolve, whether you like it or not – you just have to roll with it.

‘Sirens’ ft. Mizbee has proved a wildly popular hit this year. What’s your approach to selecting and working with artists for a suitable vocal impact throughout your tracks?

I don’t really have a checklist that I tick off, they just have to be good really! I’m a huge fan of vocalists who have character and something in the voice which makes them stand out. Some people you just click with and Mizbee is definitely one of those people – we work really well together in the studio and we’ve got a few more tracks sorted which you’ll hear next year.

Hot Creations has been responsible for discovering and supporting emerging house music artists (including yourself) and catapulting their sounds worldwide. What’s a typical night like playing alongside the Hot Creations gang from SWG3 with Jamie Jones in Glasgow to Solardo Sessions at Manchester’s Warehouse Project?

Yeah, they have been amazing for a lot of people, myself included. You know exactly what to expect on the dance floor but the nights themselves vary behind the scenes really – SWG was a banging night but quite tame as we all just went to bed after! Playing with Solardo is a different kettle of fish though as there’s a good chance they haven’t even been to bed when the doors open. 

What production and touring plans have you got coming up next year?

I’ve got 3 EPs for the beginning of the year: one on Resonance with Andre Salmon, one on VIVa Music in Feb and then Hot Creations in March. Plenty lined up that’s for sure!

In terms of tours, there are several UK dates already booked in but we’re looking at Australia and South America at the minute which should be fun.

Lastly, since it’s the festive season, leave us with your favourite/cheesiest Christmas tune.

It’s cheesy, but I just love Chris De Burgh – Spaceman. But if you want a really cheesy one, it’s got to be the one by Slade ... it’s mint though!