Get to know: Latmun

We caught up with the Nottingham native ahead of his set with fellow B2B accomplice, Detlef.

Creating his own unique approach within the tech house soundscape, Joe Bradley aka Latmun has crafted a solid career for himself within the electronic music realm, since a constant flow of productions combined with a heavy touring schedule took off in 2016. An infectious energy and down to earth attitude has reaped rewards for the young producer, allowing Bradley to take his chunky sound worldwide and release on a wide range of acclaimed imprints. Collaborating with the likes of electronic stalwarts Green Velvet and Gene Farris instantly boosted his credentials in the industry as a forerunner of spirited, bass-heavy house tracks.

Groove-laden tunes from ‘Everybody’s Dancing’ on Relief Records to the bouncy ‘Footsteps’ feat. Amy Douglas on the Hot Creations imprints both reflects the producer’s convivial personality and approach to producing electronic music, establishing him as a well sought out artist who continues to evolve.

Returning to Egg LDN alongside fellow B2B accomplice - Detlef - this Friday, the Nottingham native looks back his sonic achievements of the last year, unexpected travels and how to utilise that all important ‘stomach space’ combined with raving over the indulgent Christmas period.

After releasing on a plethora of labels since your sound took off including Hot Creations, Emerald City, Relief, VIVa and more, is there a certain imprint that’s remained a goal for you to release on?

Thank you! Hot Creations was a goal and dream for me, to release there was a satisfying personal achievement and very rewarding feeling as I have so much respect for everything Jamie does, for him to put his stamp of approval on an EP of mine is special to me. 

Green Velvet personally asked you to remix his well-known track ‘Flash’, allowing you to put your own signature stamp on the tune. How did you initially cross paths with Green Velvet? Are you guys mates now?

The initial meeting was from him reaching out to me…which was very surreal! I wouldn’t have even known how to reach out to him at that stage either, so it was a real honour. We did a whole tour in the US together earlier this year which was serious fun and we have shared the stage (and many drinks) together, so yes we're definitely friends! 


What’s been the most unexpected thing to happen to you this year career-wise?

I never dreamt that DJing would take me to some of the places I’ve visited, I’m sitting writing this interview right now from Bali… which still blows my mind to think about! Other recent places music has taken me to are Ukraine, El Paso, Mexico City and the list goes on. It’s one of my favourite parts of the job, getting to experience so many different cultures and places.

You’re playing alongside fellow Hot Creations artist Detlef this month at Egg LDN, are these B2B’s something that we’ll see a lot more of in the new year?

I’m not at liberty to confirm or deny… haha but we enjoy playing B2B and maybe you can see some more of it next year ;) 


Will you be spending Christmas at home in the UK or are you bound to a strict production/touring schedule over the holidays?

I get one day at home over Christmas pretty much! So I’m going to have to bring some Christmas dinner leftovers on tour, as that’s one of the best parts of Christmas haha. I’ve just finished a weeks tour in Australia and I’m now just in Bali for a show as mentioned above. When I land back in London on Friday, it’s straight to the Radio 1 studio to guest on Danny Howard’s show, then onto Egg that night followed by Italy the next day before arriving back home on Christmas Eve. That’s not including the NYE madness where I will be at the Arch in Brighton and Stealth in Nottingham, and also Kaluki Warehouse project on the 29th. 

With Christmas just around the corner, what’s your advice on overcoming the inevitable Christmas food coma, especially if you’re heading out to dance during the festive season?

Embrace it, if you haven’t eaten so much that you have to sit at the table for at least an hour post meal before contemplating moving... did you even do Christmas!? I guess when it comes to the drinking you have to think of utilizing stomach space, so its gotta be shots all the way haha! 


On that note…what’s your ultimate hangover cure?

I find that prevention is better than the cure! And drinking coconut water throughout the night and sticking to only 1 spirit as the foolproof way to minimize a headache. When waking up the thing I swear by is an ice cold shower for 30 seconds after a warm one really makes you feel 10x better and more awake + alert… its pretty hardcore doing it in the middle of winter though but it’s worth it!