Cyril Bitar Interview

Clinic Wednesdays' booker looks forward to hosting Kenny Glasgow and Egg's 3D London Tour on July 12th

Egg London's 3D London Tour continues its globe-trotting adventures next week when it teams up with Clinic Wednesdays in LA to present Kenny Glasgow on July 12th.

With the ex-Art Department Canadian star making his debut appearance at the party, we spoke to party promoter Cyril Bitar to find out more about the event's history.

Tell us about the history of Clinic and your brand Underrated? 

Underrated is the mother company behind Clinic. It actually started in 2011 in Beirut before I moved to LA. Upon moving to this city I felt like there was no consistent mid-week party that showcased solid talent on a weekly basis. 

What’s the booking policy of the club?

Clinic focuses on up-and-coming artists, trendsetters as well as established names in the deep house and techno realm. 

Considering the influx and popularity of EDM across the States, what’s the underground scene like in L.A and where does Clinic fit into it? 

Although EDM is huge here, the underground market has been steadily on the rise. Clinic is a home to this growing scene. It’s a place where people can be confident and feel assured that the music and the ambiance will always be on point no matter who is playing. 

What type of crowd comes down to Clinic on Wednesdays nights? 

Clinic attracts a lot of the industry and the crowd is usually very musically educated. 

Coming up on the 12th of July, Egg LDN is collaborating with Clinic alongside Kenny Glasgow. Is it the first time Kenny has played at the club?

Yeah, it is the first time he has played Clinic and everyone is really excited. He's one of the most talented artists and producers in the game.  

Finally, if you had to pick one track that represents the vibe of Clinic, what would it be? 

Difficult question, but if I had to pick one right now it would be Nicola Cruz's 'Colibria'. He is one of my favourite artists at the moment and he totally crushed it a couple of weeks ago at Clinic.