3D London in Romania

As Wehbba joins Bunker 91 in Bucharest we speak to promoter Ionut Vitanto about the club and wider Romanian scene

On May 20th the Egg 3D London global tour arrives at Bunker 91 in Bucharest, Romania. With Brazilian techno heavy-weight Wehbba headlining, Bunker 91's residents Groovetique and bu go will be in support.

Ahead of the party we spoke to promoter Ionut Vitanto find out more about the club, the party and the wider Romanian scene.

Tell us a bit about the history of Bunker 91. When did it open, what's the music policy and who have been some of the best guest to play there?

Bunker 91 is basically a new club, we opened it in December 2016, so there have just been a few months of activity but with great feedback. The music policy is very simple, only electronic underground music. In five months we've has some pretty interesting international names like ANNA, Cuartero and Joran van Pol just to name of few. 

The Romanian techno scene seems to be generating lots of hype. From your insider view, who some of the best names to watch, both current and coming through? Why is there so much going on at the moment?

Techno is a confusing word at this time in Romania and Bucharest. If we are speaking of well known Romanian artists like Raresh & Rhadoo, or the uprising Barac, there is not more I can say. If we are speaking of  techno artists like Sam Paganini or Matador, for example, unfortunately we are lacking local artists in this musical field at the moment but we are working hard to change this and things are looking good. Some names to watch at this moment are Mirror States, Cosmin Horatiu and Kodeera, which is a live techno project, and it will be just a matter of time until they will be heard of.   

On that note, can you tell us about the club's resident DJs? Who will be playing for the Egg 3D London party?

For the Egg 3D London party we will have Groovetique and bu go. The first is originally from Bucharest with a long history already, but the second one is a new name. He moved to Bucharest a year ago and is already warming up for artists like Sasha Carassi, Marc Houle, Cuartero, Joran van Pol and Stiv Hey. I’m pretty sure they will do an awesome job for Wehbba as well.

You're in Bucharest. Where else in Romania would you recommend to go party? 

The second city regarding underground music is Cluj-Napoca with its well known Midi Club and its ten years of intense activity. Also Cluj has an important number of festivals during the year such as Mioritmic, Electric Castle, Untold, etc. The second city is Iasi. A lot of promoters are starting to do events there and with great success a lot of the times. So if you are in Iasi the right weekend you will attend a pretty interesting party with an alive and hungry crowd. Two times a year on the coast of the Black Sea you can also find Sunwaves Festival, which, in my opinion, needs no introduction. 

Finally, does the club have any anthems or tracks that sum up the vibe of Bunker 91?

The club has no anthem, it's too early for that, but if I had to think of one track that sums up its warm, organic and private feel it's the remix Rødhåd did for Howling's 'Signs'.