The Tea P Party EP

  • Artists: Frag Maddin
  • Release Date:
  • Catalog: WCF001


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The labels first release is from German born Frag Maddin, who after regular appearances at the Egg is
already a firm favourite with the clubs regular crowd, which attend its packed dancefloor on a weekly

Frag, who has previously released on labels including Snatch!, Area Remote, Noir Music, Upon You Records
plus Definition:Music, is respected for his deep and eclectic sound incorporating jacking grooves, tribal
percussion and elements of Techno.

"Phase Interface" has stripped back percussion that is sequenced with the bassline into a jacking groove and
fused with a poignant vocal to create a deep intensity. Brought to life with the tension of rising chords and
a spooky melody, the track if full of personality and distinctly individual.

"Poker Jam" starts with warm pads that lift with a chic and subtle sense of euphoria, before the thick set
kick drum brings things back to earth, add in infectious bass hook and it fills the track with energy. The
contrasting sections and rolling percussion provide the final touches to this epic masterpiece.

"Purple View" is infused with a raw funk provided by the bass and chugging synth part. It's not long before
the eloquent keys and a Rhodes Piano with a filtering hi-hat rhythm are also introduced. Dream like
textures fuse with cosmic vibes as the track unfolds into a journey of discovery. Timeless and contemporary
is a hard combination to pull off, but there is no doubt Frag Maddin has risen to the challenge.

When people ask What Came First? The chicken or the egg… In this instance there is no doubt it was the
egg, but Egg London has hatched into one damn fine record label!