Kyle e

Jupiter's Moons EP

  • Artists: Kyle E, David Delgado
  • Release Date:
  • Catalog: WCF003


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Egg's very own record label WCF delivers the first release of the New Year by Kyle E. The Egg resident delivers three cuts of deep, melodic techno to hypnotise dance floors. It's joined by a remix from David Delgado, who turns in an intricately percussive stripped-down groover that unfolds over ten minutes.

“Metis” opens the release with shuffling percussion and ambient FX sounds that create a spooky atmosphere. Rising melodies and pads combine with dramatic synth stabs when washed in delay and reverb, make this slice of Melodic Techno feel vast and cavernous.

Second is the David Delgado remix of “Metis” which using sparse drums augmented with tom rolls and snare fills, is a Minimal reworking of the original. Murky, textured and subtle piano flutters fuse with wonky pads to form an intricate tapestry of sound. Infectious and full of personality, the track's House focused groove provides stark contrast with the original version.

“Themisto” is built around ethereal pads which are layered over the elasticity of an acid bassline. Laid back with gentle bursts of arpeggiated melody, the track has an understated and delicate sound, which as the track develops, builds further with help of a second bassline which lifts the track.

Arguably saving the best for last, “Lysithea” finishes the release in epic style. A Balearic vocal pad, when blended with sparse percussion and poignant chords, forms the back bone of the track. Packed with emotion and a variety of different sections, the building tension makes this a perfect set builder.