Utrecht's Finest: Tinlicker

Curious to know more about the roots of the electronic duo, they share five of the favourite spots to explore in their hometown of Utrecht...

Dutch duo Tinlicker debut at the club on 22nd March alongside Grum and Tim Engelhardt (Live). Known to create a sound that ties in undulating tones of progressive, house and techno, Tinlicker don’t fall into any particular sonic category, all the more reason to invite them to the club to showcase what they’re all about. 

Curious to know more about the roots of Micha and Jordi aka Tinlicker, the guys share five of the favourite spots to explore in their hometown of Utrecht. 


This is the biggest music venue in Utrecht. The old venue was called Tivoli and based on the Oudegracht (and that’s where we have our studio at the moment). This new music venue opened his doors back in 2014. It’s big with 5 concert halls, a cafe and a restaurant. 

We come here quite often to have a drink or a dance. We even have Tinlicker meetings in the cafe. Our own event called ‘Remember the Future’ is also based in TivoliVredenburg. The Dom Tower It’s the tallest Church tower in the Netherlands but most of all its the symbol of Utrecht. 

The fun part is you can go inside and walk all the way up to the top and experience the best view over the city. It’s definitely worth visiting. If you go, make sure you book in advance, because it is always busy. We have done the climb many times and it never gets boring and while you are there, don’t forget to check out 'De Pandhof’, it’s the garden next to the Dom church. 

Cafe DeRat 

It’s located in the centre of the city, but even for a lot of residents of Utrecht it’s an undiscovered bar. Which is one of the things we like about it. When you walk in you'll notice a lot of old furniture and that gives it an authentic feel. 

DeRat specialise in craft beer, the beer menu changes frequently and their selection is always filled with hidden gems that none of the other cafes around the city has. So we love to sit down after a good studio day and treat ourselves to something new. 

Teahouse Rhijnauwen 

This place is located in the forests between Utrecht, Zeist, De Bilt and Bunnik. The best way to go there is by bike or boat so you can see all the surroundings. You will notice the grassland, forest and some old buildings and farmhouses. 

They serve typical Dutch pancakes. It’s big inside but when the weather allows it there is plenty of space to sit outside next to the Rhine canal. Don’t forget to go to Fort Rijnauwen. 

The fort was built between 1868 and 1871, and this defensive line was built to protect Utrecht and North and South Holland against attacks from the east during the war. 

Taplokaal Gist 

This great place is something between a bar, cafe and a restaurant where they match craft beer with food and it’s not far away from the city centre. Beside meat or fish they have a lot of vegetarian options. 

We love to come here on an afternoon for a little drink and when the sun is out, it's great to sit on the terrace next to the water.  

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