Under The Radar: R&S

We spoke to Renaat Vandepapeliere to find out more about the artists who are slowly making a name for themselves with the support of R&S behind them...

If there’s a term to describe the record label R&S, we have yet to find it. Diverse doesn’t seem even close to what sounds the label is capable of producing and just like its co-founder Renaat Vandepapeliere, it’s a label that continues to thrive and not be afraid to break away from any preconceived ideas the dance industry might have developed towards it over the years. 

Championing a plethora of productions from upbeat jazz to gnarly techno, R&S has been around for 35 years and after our first R&S showcase back in July at the club, the label returns on 24th November with current label boss Renaat and two recently signed R&S artists, Afriqua and The Maghreban. 

Ahead of the night, we spoke to Renaat himself to find out more about the artists who are slowly making a name for themselves with the support of R&S behind them. Delving into the sounds and upcoming releases from Afriqua, The Maghreban and more, we find out how exactly his relationship began with each artist currently under the R&S radar… 


I spend a lot of time looking for people like 10 or 11 hours a day so I called Afriqua and said ‘let’s work together and sign a contract for 100 years’. Let’s see what happens. I will listen, help and give my opinion but it’s his music at the end of the day. 

Afriqua was in the minimal scene in the beginning and I wanted him to step out of his cocoon. I had never seen him play before but I was following his record releases and could hear his musicianship in each record. I heard him on this weird radio show and got in touch but it took a while to actually sign him. He’s now working on an upcoming album for R&S next year. He’s a very interesting guy. I need to sign guys I can have a drink with. Personalities have to work! 


The Maghreban 

R&S is always looking for differences, for challenges. I received demos from The Maghreban and listened, and there was something so interesting about this guy. He’s not commercial, he’s not gonna sell a billion records but that’s not what R&S is about. It’s all subjective. So I met him in person in London and he knows he has creative freedom. All very smooth


The Skull Eclipses   

We just signed this hip-hop act who are very interesting. Urban hip-hop with a bit of electronica. It’s fresh. They’ll have an album with us next year. I want to open the label as much as I can, I don’t like to be in a box and these guys show that. 



This is a jazz guy, low-tempo, funky - really well produced and has released on Blue Note. We just signed him. New R&S material will be coming from him soon. He’s been in the business for a long time. He went to Africa working with African musicians in workshops for six months. In a week, they all made new tracks followed by a live show - all in the space of a week. This guy is amazing. 



This guy is from Brazil who is also very interesting, we will see how this will develop. I give him my support and it’s up to him to follow it up. But I’m not easy with him, I will say no at times. He has a single coming out this month with us. 

RV Compilation 

My RV series gives complete unknowns a chance to release music in the open. So these new kids Dawn Razor will come out on my next RV 3 EP Compilation. 


Get tickets to see Renaat Vandepapeliere hosting the R&S room on Saturday, 24th November for EGG LDN Pres: Novamute with Matrixxman, R&S Records, Phonica here...