Under The Radar: Pete Tong

Always one to support upcoming and deserving talent, the UK house legend shares 5 more artists with us who have slipped under his radar ahead of our final AGPT of the year…

A legendary tastemaker responsible for giving new talent a platform to showcase their sounds, Pete Tong returns to the club for another All Gone Pete Tong session with a troop of handpicked artists on December 8th. 

La Fleur and Themba are two artists who Pete has championed over the last 12 months and are certainly laying down a fair amount of groundwork in the studio and behind the DJ booth for long-lasting careers. Always one to support upcoming and deserving talent, Pete shares 5 more artists with us who have slipped under his radar ahead of our final AGPT of the year… 


Cousn are Alfie & Billy Goffey, a Bristol-based act with a promising future based on what I have been hearing. Their first release proper release was the two tracks ‘Juggle’ and ‘Damn Straight’ released end of November. Fresh sounding, stripped-down house music put together with some subtle techno attitude. Feels like we are hearing the start of a new generation of young electronic music makers about to break through in the UK. 



Elkka began writing tragic love songs at the tender age of eight, after begging her parents to get her a toy keyboard as a Christmas present and hasn’t stopped since. ‘I truly think I thought I understood love,’ Elkka explains. 

Her new EP ‘Full Circle' on Femme Culture featuring the emotive ‘2000 and f_cked’ is pretty special and after developing her sound over the past 18 months, it feels like she’s ready for wider acclaim. Can’t get enough of this. 

Adelphi Music Factory  

Sheffield is hometown to the AMF who exploded onto the scene a few months ago with the smartly constructed warehouse anthem ‘Javeline’ and word on the grapevine is there is much more to come. Immediate comparisons with Melle and Mella Dee but this crew intend to go out as a live act which I’m excited to see.  



Another hot new UK act that have turned heads everywhere with their track ‘Prayer’ released on Stress around Halloween. The 20 years old duo hail from Leeds but currently reside in London whilst completing their music studies. Both are classically trained musicians, one has a guitar background while the other channel’s 80’s rave influences and the musical results summon memories of early Chemical Brothers and Prodigy. Very exciting future ahead. 



Tres  Coming out of South Compton in LA but on a house groove, this guy’s got something special going on. First EP came out on the Godmode label where he collaborated with Nick Sylvester, (LCD Soundsystem, DFA, Yaji) a producer on a smart debut selection that includes ‘Controller’ and ‘Top Down’ and some slick videos. He’s out playing live - catch him if you can. NWA meets Barry White! 

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