Under The Radar: East End Dubs

Keen to shine a light on burgeoning talent, the Turkish producer shares five artists who have slipped under his radar recently ahead of his appearance on 15th February...

Following an incredible year, East End Dubs returns to the club on 15th February with rising talent Remelie on support. Producing dance-floor orientated and DJ friendly tracks with a completely unpretentious approach, it’s no surprise that East End Dubs aka Chase heads up a number of thriving house imprints in the form of East End Dubs Recordings, Little Helpers, Eastenderz and Social. 

Known for creating groove-led tunes to build a pulsating, engaging set for every audience on his packed touring agenda, the hardware aficionado soundtracks our Middle Floor once again for our Friday night party. Keen to shine a light on burgeoning talent, the Turkish producer shares five artists who have slipped under his radar recently and tells us why we should look out for them this year… 

Ray Mono 

Ray first contacted me 2 years ago and send me a large folder with lots of music. I was very impressed, He certainly has his own unique style which is Deep and Dubby stuff. Since than he did sign to labels like Pleasure Zone and Ben Rau’s Meta. He’s certainly one to watch this year as he is set to release lots of new music. 


3 Years ago we were playing with Priku in Berlin, He was playing a track and I asked him what it was, he said it’s from Lizz. 20-year-old boy from Romania making some of the most unique and catchy music I’ve ever heard. He is representing the 3rd generation Romanian artists and following the footsteps of arpiar crew. 


Cosmjn is Lizz’s friend, you can almost hear their friendship in their productions. Even tho these guys are very similar, Cosmjn’s musical approach is slightly different to Lizz. Both guys are also getting good behind the decks and playing with us on our showcases. Cosmjn is set to release his second EP on Eastenderz later this year. 

Michael James 

Michael has made regular appearances on Burnski’s Constant label. Burnski sent me his music and I’ve been playing his stuff since. We met in Ibiza this year, He is also a great chap and a good DJ. He will appear on labels like Mulen and Rowle later this year. One to watch for sure! 

Vlad Arapasu

Vlad is another talented Romanian producer. I’ve been playing his Subtil EP a lot. Last year he sent me some demos and we manage to create an EP for Eastenderz. Unlike most of the local talent, his sound is slightly on the harder side. Serious grooves fused with Hypnotic elements. He knows how it works! 


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