Under The Radar: DJ Deep

The Parisian producer joins us on 6th April for Bade 5th year anniversary with Desert Sound Colony, Brothers Black, Ada Kaleh & ahead of the night he shares five emerging producers who deserve a shout

Arguably one of the most timeless producer and selectors of the last decade, DJ Deep is celebrated for blurring the lines between New York house, Detroit techno, Chicago grooves and everything in between. The Parisian producer is a highly regarded figure on the French electronic music circuit since Laurent Garnier first spotted his talent in the late 90s. 

Now heading up his own Deeply Rooted imprint, DJ Deep joins us on 6th April to showcase his renowned sound for the first time on our Middle Floor. 

Ahead of the night, DJ Deep shares five emerging producers who deserve a shout for their enticing productions and distinct sounds on labels like Deeply Rooted, Dystopian and more… 

Marina Trench 

I recently received demos from this young Parisian DJ and I had previously listened to her Melotron radio shows that I liked. I was nicely surprised by a certain vibe in her demos and decided to release 2 records from her. 

The first one, ‘Signature’ EP will be out on Deeply Rooted on March 18th and features a dope Kerri Chandler remix as well as another remix from Fang (Roman Poncet aka Traumer and myself). 


Mary Yalex 

I absolutely love everything she has released. Mary is one of the few up-and-coming producers whose music I purchase first and then listen to after when I’m back at the studio. I love how she can produce ambient, house, or even techno but always keeps a very personal and emotional touch within her music. 

Beatrice Dillon

Just like Mary, I systematically purchase Beatrice’s productions. Her recent remix of ‘Darkness' on Carl Craig's ‘Versus’ project really moved me. I think I really connect to the way emotions and feelings are kept at the core of her music. Her Ecstatic Material with Keith Harrisson looks and sounds really interesting too! 


Huerco S

Although he is an established artist, I feel his attitude is very under the radar! You don't seem to hear a lot about him. I’ve sent him three emails so far for collaboration offers with Deeply Rooted and to this day I’ve never got a reply! Ahaha! But no seriously, I think he is a brilliant artist. 

His album ‘Those Of You Who Have Never (And Those Who Have)’ was amazing, and recently his Loidis release touched me so much that I bought two copies of it - not to mention his ‘Pendant’ project! 


Jon Hester 

The beauty of social media is when it helps to connect music lovers. Last year I put up a post about one of Jon’s early releases on Dystopian and I ended up releasing a record from him in 2018! I think he has a unique approach of producing, he is a great dancer and DJ and you can feel this organic energy even in his most booming techno tracks! I love how he keeps his music funky with a natural swing. 

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