Under The Radar: Alex.Do

Berlin-based producer joins us this Saturday with Monoloc and Etapp Kyle heading up our Middle Floor…

Alex.Do is a Berlin-based artist who grew up on a diet on house, dub and techno which are the foundations of his current sound today. Bouncing between melancholia to high energy, his productions have been released on Afterlife Records, Innervisions, Dystopian and Magazine to name a few. With shows spanning Bassiani, Berghain and Nuits Sonores already under his belt, you’re bound to hear a lot more about this particular 24-year-old over the next year. 

Alex joins us this Saturday with Monoloc and Etapp Kyle heading up our Middle Floor and ahead of the night, he shares five unheralded artists who have slipped under his sonic radar recently… 

Adel Akram - Time And Place 

This came out just recently. I didn’t know this artist before but was impressed by the beautiful and well balanced Techno and Ambient EP. 

After doing some research about who this person is, I found out that he is also connected to a label called  ZCKR Records for which he made the art direction and also released some music on it. Anyway, that camp also really caught my attention with their aesthetics. 

Bot1500 - Keeper Of The Password EP 

When I saw this first the artist name was completely new for me but of course not the label - Analogical Force - as I would count myself a fan of their work. So I definitely gave their new release a closer listen, and it did not disappoint me. Outstanding tracks which remind me of Aphex Twin and other great minds.  

Noord Halle - Jefre 

Also a new artist to me but again, the record was released on a great imprint called BAKK from The Hague. The tracks here also clearly focused on fast and far out Electro stuff, just mental tunes. 

Also I really love the design of the silk screen printed cover sleeve in combination with the green inner sleeve plus the record which is made out of clear vinyl. A complete package! 


Capablanca - Lap Top Less Dance 

After doing some research I saw that this record was already released in 2017 but nevertheless, I just bought the record not long ago. I was really impressed by the harsh grittiness of the tracks and the hidden funk in these. Music which you won't hear that often. 


Acid Bowie - Acid Bowie 

Another obscure release from last year which is the first under that moniker. I’m pretty sure that these tracks are made by someone who is around for some time but I haven’t found out yet who it is. 

Anyway, I was listening over and over to that record and was totally blown away by all these textures and layers you could find within these tracks - of course, the music itself is just outstanding, too. 

For me, it sounds a little like old Nicolas Jaar stuff and the wide musical range of the tracks let me think that the producer must be someone with an equally wide music taste.  

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