Selected Cuts: SAMA

Joining the bill for the Respekt Showcase on 2nd of March, the Dutch artist shares five selected cuts to give us a taste of what to expect on the night...

SAMA brings his floor-shaking kicks and euphoric melodies to the club on 2nd March for our first Respekt showcase at the club with Spektre, OC & Verde and Transcode completing the bill. Having burst onto the scene with releases on Kraftek, Noir and Respekt Recordings, he’s gained huge support from the likes of Secret Cinema, Pleasurekraft and Victor Ruiz. 

Ahead of the night, the Dutch artist shares five selected cuts to give us a taste of what to expect on the night… 

Amotik - Solah (Edit Select Remix) 

Edit Select does exactly what I like with Amotik’s original. It’s incredibly dreamy, but super hard at the same time. The fact that it’s so repetitive also makes it very interesting for me, as I personally find it very hard to produce repetitive tracks that still stay interesting. 

Luigi Madonna - Enfant Terrible 

Luigi Madonna is one of the best for me when it comes down to keeping the amount of elements as minimal as possible, but making those elements incredibly strong. His new ‘Enfant Terrible’ is just that. An impeccable groove with a strong rolling acid-but-just-not-acid-line. 

SAMA - The Fallen 

Right now ‘The Fallen’ is my favourite track of my own productions. It’s got a very ominous, but still bombastic and epic vibe to it, and the choir is not something you hear a lot in techno tracks, so I’m very happy with the outcome of this one. It’s the B-side on my Kraftek EP, released 22nd of February and my personal favourite of the EP. 

Avision - What You Wanted 

Almost always at my gigs, there are one or two moments where I play a track that is so incredibly groovy or driving, that I just can’t contain myself from head-banging like a madman. ‘What You Wanted’ is for me one of those tracks. The groove is absolutely impeccable, and I honestly don’t think there’s a lot of techno tracks that have this much of a groove while still maintaining that hard-hitting dark sound that I like so much. 

ThermalBear - U Love (John Monkman Remix) 

One of my favourite producers for creating incredibly immersive soundscapes is John Monkman. His tracks are super dreamy with beautiful dark and/or euphoric melodies, have pretty minimal drums while still keeping a certain drive, and basically always have a spot in my sets when I play earlier slots.

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