Selected Cuts: Paride Saraceni

The Italian producer returns to the club on 9th February with Roberto Capuano & Eric Sneo. Ahead of the night, he dug into his record bag to share fives tracks with us…

Paride Saraceni is a rising talent on the international techno scene who’s set to deliver a slew of hypnotising, groove-heavy tracks on established imprints this year. 

A shining star from the close-knit community of Italian producers who are currently making a huge impact on the global techno realm, Paride returns to the club on 9th February with Roberto Capuano and Eric Sneo. 

Ahead of the night, Paride dug into his record bag to share fives Selected Cuts with us to get us in the mood… 

Paride Saraceni - Long Awaited Dawn [Second State] 

Just released on Pan-Pot's Second state, I have been playing this track quite a lot over the summer and it just works very well towards the end of my sets. It came as a surprise and there is something quite far-east about this track which I always relate to the sun rising, perhaps the first sun seen from the shores of Japan. Good track to close with. 

Alan Fitzpatrick - Eleven Eleven [We Are The Brave] 

I had not been playing much of Alan's stuff lately but this one brings me back to 2012-14 when techno wasn't yet so acid and the groove was a DJs most powerful weapon. 

Paride Saraceni - Cold Summer [Truesoul] 

Always good for the winter sets, I am surprised it still works very well and it always manages to capture the audience. 

Pig & Dan - Lost Another Angel [Cocoon]  

What an amazing track! It's just my ideal sound, deep, trippy, it's a long journey with the right sounds and the right ingredients, it's fairly straight-paced, very emotional yet also very groovy, which is hard to find nowadays, and I am glad someone else is on this path in the scene. 

Cristoph - Voice Of Silence [Pryda Presents] 

Might be a bit consumed now but it was my closing theme for the whole summer, there is something quite mysterious in this track, I can feel the late 2000's prog influence, yet reinterpreted in such essential and smooth way, the melody makes me travel with my mind. Fantastic piece. 


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