Selected Cuts: DJ Rush

Ahead of his debut on 9th March, one of Chicago's most revered techno producers shares 5 selected cuts with us to get us in the mood...

Arguably one of Chicago’s most revered techno producers, DJ Rush debuts at the club on 9th March. Artfully merging the sonic styles of his native Chicago with his current home of Berlin, DJ Rush is an advocate for hard techno, pushing a percussive heavy, fast past sound which reaches well beyond 140 BPM for a thoroughly electrifying experience on the dancefloor. 

In his own words, ‘Not letting the music control me, but letting the music guide me’ is how Rush approaches each DJ set, which allows him to become a real storyteller of sound behind the decks. 

Ahead of his debut, Rush shares five Selected Cuts with us to get us in the mood for the jackin’, groove-heavy, fast-paced beats which are certain to put our KV2 system through its paces on the night… 

The Spanker - J. Fernandes 

This track really takes me back to the clubs in Chicago (like the Reactor and Power House where I used to play) giving you that full on swing and messing with your mind. When I play this out the kids feel it and go wild. The groove makes you want to spank your own ass. 

Acid Wave - Dario Sorano 

I’ve been feeling this vibe for some time now, it’s hard to not play this. When I ready to take the crowd to the next level, this is the go-to song for me. Gives me that ‘take it all, take my soul’ feeling (I just can’t no more). It has everything, Bass, stomp and crowd control. Simple but intense and to the point. 

Big Love - Fleetwood Mac 

So much feeling and soul from this release and the way that guitar rips and the voice just make you feel every word that is being said. I usually play this under a techno tune, my own mash up version. Looking out for love big big love. 

That’s What I’m Talking About - DJ Rush 

My vocal has been sampled so many times without giving me credit, and artists have released my vocals as their original, but I had to redo an old classic that started, so many people to sample The Major. 

This song wakes up the crowd even more, when they hear anything about BASS you better deliver and give it to them. This tune just makes you happy and feels good. No time to be serious or be like lettuce on the dance floor, get up a move your damn body. 

Waiting On My Angel - Jamie Principle 

Chicago is represented well. Just a touching song. Just listen and you will feel good, at some point someone has been waiting. This song gives you all. Keyboard, strings (which is nature high). 


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